Uncover the Latest News About the Least Likable Developer Situations, The Sims 4 Will Be Free, Modern Warfare 2 PC Needs Phone Number, and Steam Gets Former Switch RPG

modern warfare 2 pc needs phone number

In today’s computer gaming-news, learn more about a strange standoff between players of the game, moderators of the game, and the least sympathetic individual who has ever created a video game. Meanwhile, the immensely popular life simulator created by Maxis and EA ‘The Sims 4’  will become free to play next month, eight years after […]

Find Out About a New Threat for Steam Users, Overwatch Fans Furious Over Blizzard’s Plan, Babylon’s Fall Upcoming End, and Stellar Blade/Project Eve is Coming

new threat for steam users

In today’s computer gaming news, find out about the new ‘browser-in-the-browser’ scam that might threaten Steam users, especially the competitive gamers. Meanwhile, concerned players of the original Overwatch are outraged because a key promise from the first game will not be honored in the sequel. On the other hand, Babylon’s Fall in a mere six […]

Find Out About How A Redstone PC Was Made in Minecraft, Cyberpunk 2077’s Cops Will Be Revamped’, and No Pokémon Clone Taken Off Like Stardew Valley

a redstone pc was made in minecraft

In today’s computer gaming news, find out about how an in-game redstone computer was built so players could play Minecraft within Minecraft. Meanwhile, with the release of Patch 1.6 for Cyberpunk 2077, the game’s dysfunctional police system is finally getting a “full overhaul.” Lastly, despite a boom of indie monster-tamers, not one pokemon clone game […]

Learn About the Latest News on Scientist’s New Gaming Innovation, Final Fantasy 7 Remake Mod Polygonal Style Returns, Sony Donation to USC Games Program, and Asia’s Gaming Giants Acquire New Formats and Markets

new gaming innovation

In today’s gaming news, learn about how the scientist  develop a model that adjusts videogame difficulty based on player emotions. The innovative strategy will contribute to the creation of a better gaming experience for different types of players. Meanwhile, for the final fantasy fans out there. Final Fantasy 7 Remake mod brings back the polygonal […]

PUBG Mobile New 0.19.0 Beta Version is Now Out, Download Now!

A couple of weeks back, PUBG Mobile released the very first beta of PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 Version, and it was just amazing. The beta featured a brand new map ‘Fourex,’ new vehicle ‘Monster Truck,’ and a lot of other amazing stuff. Now the Beta version has just received a big update and a lot of […]

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7 Upcoming Buffs & Nerfs You Need To Know

1 Operator Skills Changes 1. GRAVITY SPIKES: Regeneration time increased. Specialists will take a longer time to cool down, so players will have longer intervals between using it. Higher altitude while jumping to spike (this last one seems more like a buff). 2. DEATH MACHINE GUN (SCYTHE): This is getting nerfed. Damaged has been reduced at close […]