photo of John

John Dreand

John is an avid gamer and cannabis connoisseur. He’s been captivated by video games ever since he was a youngster, and he loves how they let us explore new worlds and feel all kinds of feelings. His personal experience with marijuana’s positive effects on his own stress, pain, and anxiety has made him a fervent believer in the plant’s potential as a medicine. He decided to develop a blog so that he could combine his two interests while also helping others.


photo of Sarah

Sarah McGarth

Sarah enjoys both writing creatively and smoking weed. She has used marijuana for years as a source of inspiration because of her fascination with the plant’s potential effects on one’s disposition and ability to think outside the box. She also has a passion for video games and loves to lose herself in a good book whenever she can. She decided to start a blog so that she could discuss her experiences with marijuana and video games and hear others’ perspectives.


photo of David

David Stewart

David enjoys both technology and cannabis. He has always been interested in cutting-edge gadgets and how they may improve our daily lives. He also has strong convictions about marijuana’s therapeutic potential after witnessing its positive effects on pain, tension, and anxiety first-hand. He decided to develop a blog so that he could discuss his interests in both technology and marijuana with others.