Hear About the Latest News About Evolution of PC Gaming, Tekken 8 is Coming, and Epic Games Store’s First NFT Game

In today’s computer gaming news, learn more about a decades-old video gaming industry. What began as entertainment has become a multibillion-dollar enterprise that influences countless parts of modern life. Meanwhile, 7 years have passed since Tekken 7 debuted in arcades, and now Tekken 8 is on the horizon. In addition to being mentioned during the EVO fighting game event last month, Tekken 8 was also included on a list of games that leaked from an Nvidia database last year. Lastly, Mythical Games announced that their game Blankos Block Party, which has reportedly amassed over a million players, was made available on the Epic Games store.

PC Gaming’s Thrilling Evolution

Original Source: Evolution of PC gaming – an exciting ride ahead

The video game industry is old. What began as entertainment has become a multibillion-dollar enterprise that influences many parts of modern life. Today, gaming is relevant in academics, professional training for highly specialized abilities (think pilots), research, and as a career path. As the global gaming outlook changed, India accepted this new incarnation. As the number of gamers in the country rises, so do associated jobs.

E-Sports tournaments with big prize pools continue throughout the country. According to a report by IAMAI, gaming revenue is predicted to reach $3.9 billion by 2025. (Internet and Mobile Association of India). The gaming industry’s popularity and profitability are soaring, with no signs of slowing down. While it may not be easy to pinpoint a single factor to this development, multiple milestones have helped Indian gaming reach new heights.

Remember PONG?

Atari released Pong in the ’70s.

The arcade format was born from a wave of releases by big firms in the 1980s and 1990s. The arcade style of gaming was subsequently replaced by gaming at home, bringing forth consoles and personal computers. PC games brought the visual experience of the time to a whole new level, while consoles mainly stuck to 2D. As games became more immersive due to realistic graphics and physics engines, the hardware and software industry had to improve. Games became more story-driven in the 2000s. Players wanted to feel engaged and invested. Game development studios now hire storytellers to build narrative-focused games instead of “run-and-gun” games.

The Internet and smartphones.

The best games and gaming experiences were restricted in the early 2000s. By 2010, India had high-speed internet in many homes, and in another five years, the smartphone would grow. The smartphone became a “essential commodity” due to falling 4G costs and OEMs lowering the cost of ownership for end-users. A 90s infatuation with Snake sparked an industry that brought AAA titles to smartphones. Cheap internet and healthy rivalry have driven competitive mobile gaming into the spotlight, with more gamers than ever taking up multiplayer games. In India, there are 502 million smartphone users, and 300 million are gamers. A Deloitte research predicts that by 2026, India would have a billion smartphone users, and another predicts that the Indian mobile game market will be $5B+ by 2025. An Intel Kantar study shows that 90% of mobile gamers in India will switch to the PC as their favorite gaming device.

The pandemic transformed things

As the COVID-19 pandemic isolated the planet, gamers turned to games to socialize, relieve stress, and pass the time. As additional gamers joined, demand for gaming PCs and displays surged and is still rising. India shipped 14.8 million units in 2021, up 44.5% YoY.

PC gaming is king

The E-Sports boom has given gaming legitimacy. India continues to play a significant role in the expansion of the global E-Sports business, which was worth $1.08Bn in 2021 and is predicted to reach $2.8Bn by 2028 at a CAGR of 14.50%. Popularity of gaming titles combined with the enhanced experience of playing them on the PC has produced a new business and made gaming a valued job. E-Sports players fight for eye-watering prize pools and monetary prizes for in-game achievements. Gamers that desire a profession in E-Sports don’t just play all day; they train their bodies and minds, just like any other athlete. As in any sport, discipline, teamwork, communication, and endurance are crucial. Asian Games 2022 will incorporate E-Sports as a competitive category, and India will send 18 eSports athletes to compete in five different titles.


Gaming is gaining popularity even among non-hardcore gamers. Once an independent industry, it now influences nearly all of pop culture. TV series and movies based on gaming feed the entertainment cycle. Game goods has a high boasting value, and games continue to affect our culture and behaviors. Gaming may be tied to a single gadget, but its impact is vast and pervasive. While hardware will continue to improve, WiFi6 and 5G’s increased bandwidth and low latency will enhance future gaming experiences. Thanks to cloud gaming, these new technologies will provide the superior PC gaming experience to a whole new class of devices. On one hand, games are breaking away from traditional devices, while the Metaverse offers a new digital experience, including gaming. Imagine attending an E-sports competition from home and being among thousands of like-minded fans. It’s evident that gaming is no more a casual leisure, but a billion-dollar industry offering something for everyone.

Tekken 8 is Coming With Veins Bulging and Biceps Glistening

Original Source: With Veins Bulging and Biceps Glistening, Here Comes Tekken 8

Tekken 8 was introduced on Sony’s State of Play stream. First teaser debuts nearly seven years after Tekken 7’s arcade release in 2015.

The existence of Tekken 8 was teased last month during EVO, and it surfaced on a leaked Nvidia database list last year. Nvidia says the list was “just for internal tracking and testing,” yet several titles on it are legitimate projects. Here’s another.

I won’t claim “Half-Life 2 Remastered” is true at this time, but it would be a funny way for Valve to refuse the number three.

The Tekken 8 trailer is full of muscles, but few details. Fine text in the trailer confirms that we’re seeing real-time footage running on a PS5, not a pre-rendered scene. (Tekken 8 will release on Steam and Xbox Series X/S.)

In a blog post, Tekken 8 director Katsuhiro Harada says the clip is from the story mode and all the character models, scenery, and effects are in-game. The rain drops on the characters’ skin came from “true real-time rendering” of a gaming scene, not the trailer.

It’s a work in progress, says Harada.

He claims that Tekken has the longest videogame tale. In 2017, Guinness certified the Tekken series as the “longest-running videogame plot without development breaks or reboots.” It’s hard to accept, but I’d have to think about it to disprove it, so for now, yeah.

Tekken 8 will focus on a father-son clash between Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama, according to Harada.

The next Street Fighter will be available next year. Wes liked it in June. Tekken 8’s release date is unknown, however it may compete with Street Fighter 6?

For now, Harada claims the game is “still in development,” so we’ll have to “wait a bit longer” to find out what the trailer scenario means.

Epic Games Store’s First NFT Game

Original Source: Fortnite Creator’s Epic Games Store Launches First NFT Game

Blankos Block Party, an NFT-powered online creativity game, premiered today on Epic Games Store. It’s the first Web3 title on the PC gaming marketplace.

Mythical Games’ title was previously available on its own website after launching with an open beta in December 2020. In June, the business reported Blankos had more than one million users to date.

The company announced in June plans to release the free-to-play game to Epic Games Store this year, but it was unclear if it would be the first. Gala Games announced that Grit would be the first Web3 game, however it’s not yet accessible.

Blankos Block Party is an online game influenced by designer/vinyl toy culture. In-game NFTs symbolize unique products like avatar designs and accessories that can be bought and sold.

The game has partnered with Burberry, Atari, and Deadmau5 for limited-edition drops since its introduction. But NFTs aren’t required to play. An NFT is a blockchain token that represents ownership of an item, like video game characters, weaponry, or virtual land.

Epic Games Store, with 194 million users by 2021, has a different approach to Web3 gaming than Valve’s Steam store. In the fall, Valve announced creators couldn’t publish NFT- or cryptocurrency-using games on Steam.

Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney stated that while the studio didn’t plan to use NFTs or Web3 tech, it would enable other artists to as long as they followed laws and guidelines.

“Epic Games Store will welcome blockchain games if they follow the law, reveal their rules, and are age-rated,” he tweeted. We don’t use crypto in our games, but we welcome innovation in technology and finance.

Blankos Block Party on Epic Games Store is essentially identical to the game’s website. Both are in “early access,” with the full game debut on September 28 with new content.

Blankos Block Party runs on the studio’s Mythical Platform, built on EOS.IO but with a bridge to Ethereum. Mythical is also creating NFL Rivals and raised $150 million with a $1.25 billion valuation in November.

Summary of Today’s Computer Gaming News

Overall, the Video Game industry, which began as a purely entertainment-focused endeavor, has turned into a multi-billion-dollar industry that touches upon countless aspects of our modern existence. Gaming is relevant in education, professional training for highly specialized abilities, research, and as a job. Gaming is also gaining popularity even among non-hardcore gamers. Once an independent industry, it now influences nearly all of pop culture.

On the other hand, Tekken 8 is finally coming out. It was teased at the EVO fighting game tournament last month, and it was also on a list of games that leaked from an Nvidia database last year. Tekken 8 was shown in the State of Play stream from Sony. The first trailer comes more than seven years after Tekken 7 came out in arcades in 2015.

Finally, Blankos Block Party, an online creation game powered by NFT, became the first Web3 game to be released on the Epic Games Store, a popular PC gaming marketplace. Blankos Block Party is a colorful online game where people can play and work together. It was inspired by the culture of designer and vinyl toys. NFTs are used in the game to represent unique items like avatar designs and accessories that can be bought and sold through the game’s marketplace.



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