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Find Out About a New Threat for Steam Users, Overwatch Fans Furious Over Blizzard’s Plan, Babylon’s Fall Upcoming End, and Stellar Blade/Project Eve is Coming

In today’s computer gaming news, find out about the new ‘browser-in-the-browser’ scam that might threaten Steam users, especially the competitive gamers. Meanwhile, concerned players of the original Overwatch are outraged because a key promise from the first game will not be honored in the sequel. On the other hand, Babylon’s Fall in a mere six months after release, the developer has announced the multiplayer action RPG will be closing its doors in early 2023. Lastly, Stellar Blade, the new name of the hack ‘n slash action fighter Project Eve, will be released in 2023.

New ‘browser-in-the-browser’ Attack Against Steam Users

Original Source: A new ‘browser-in-the-browser’ attack threatens Steam users

In the 2010s, getting a Steam mail from someone trying to trick you out of a Team Fortress 2 cap was a rite of passage for PC gamers. Today’s phishing attempts are much more sophisticated. The current attack appears like a chance for up-and-coming gamers, secure login form and everything.

Group-IB said this “browser-in-the-browser” phishing tactic arose “out of nowhere” earlier this year and has been targeting Steam users since. The attackers don’t just impersonate a webpage, but a pop-up browser window, the business says. They may make a phony Steam login form look trustworthy by using a fake SSL lock sign and other tricks.

Competitive and professional players on Steam are given direct messages inviting them to join tournaments. If they bite, they’re brought to a nice game tournament platform and prompted to log in with Steam credentials.

If a person falls for the Steam login pop-up, hackers obtain access to their account. The scammers want the account, all of its games, and any virtual products in the user’s inventory, such as CS:GO skins. Tournaments may be used to entice competitive gamers with pricey Steam products, as dedicated CS:GO players can have thousands of dollars worth of skins.

False pop-up window has a phony security certificate and supports many languages. Maximize, decrease, and relocate it. Using Steam credentials to enter into legal websites is popular, so users may not think twice if the window looks normal.

A browser-in-browser phishing exploit

According to Bleeping Computer, the exploit employs JavaScript, thus a script blocking extension will help. I use a script blocking extension(opens in new tab), which can be annoying when visiting new sites but is essential.

If anything seems too good to be true, it probably is on the internet. Even if it doesn’t look good, it may be worse, so don’t click on links from untrusted sources and filter or ignore unknown direct messages and emails. Whether it’s money, NFTs, or CS:GO skins, someone will try to steal it. Good luck!

Overwatch Fans Protest Blizzard’s Battle Pass Idea

Original Source: Overwatch fans revolt over Blizzard’s plan to lock heroes behind battle pass

Fans are angry that one of the original game’s promises will be breached in the sequel.

The $40 Watchpoint Pack, which includes Overwatch 2’s season one battle pass, special skins, and a ton of in-game gold, briefly included a phrase that indicated premium battle pass owners “immediately obtain Overwatch’s next hero Kiriko!”

Overwatch VP and business leader Jon Spector clarified on Twitter that additional heroes will be on the “free track of the battle pass” Blizzard will disclose further specifics before the game’s October 4 launch. Twitter user Dorwulf questioned if you could receive heroes in future seasons if you missed them. Spector said, “We’ll have free ways to get new heroes in future seasons too,” hinting that if you miss a hero, they’ll be available through new battle passes or other methods.

Overwatch fans have spent the previous five days criticizing Blizzard’s new method of releasing heroes. Current and lapsed gamers are against earning a hero before playing them. Many cite former Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan’s 2015 vow that heroes will be free. Several memes mock the revelation, like this one in which Tracer tells two youngsters in the game’s animated announcement brief, “You’re too poor,” to be a hero like her.

Overwatch players waited four years for a new support hero, but she’s paywalled or a battle pass grind if you don’t pay. “Fucking great,” tweeted cursedsirkai.

One of the top posts regarding the news on the game’s subreddit is a screenshot of a Blizzard customer support email that indicates you can refund the Watchpoint Pack before the game’s release. Today’s post describes the same situation, with numerous comments requesting refunds.

“I need a game that pushes me to log in every day to unlock timed stuff,” Reddit user Kaellian says.

Most of the feedback comes from players of a six-year-old live service game that came out before live service was a business strategy. Since then, Overwatch’s monetization hasn’t changed: You pay for the game and receive access to everything except cosmetics like skins, sprays, and voice lines. And it’s unique among competitive shooters. Apex Legends and Valorant offer ability-based characters you must acquire or buy, but they don’t imitate Overwatch’s team-based, sports-like confrontations where hero composition matters more than individual player skill.

Overwatch has long emphasized rock-paper-scissors interaction between heroes, where counterpicks might be more important than skills like aim. It’s normal to switch characters mid-match to address an issue, which is why the Overwatch League works so well as a spectator sport. The strategic hero picks add to the game’s MOBA and fighting game influences: picking Widowmaker to snipe a Pharah can seal a win, and a surprise Bastion pick can derail a snowballing team.

To lock heroes away, no matter how easy it is to get them, limits strategy and signals a design shift in Overwatch 2. If heroes aren’t immediately available for everyone, counter-picking fractures. Fans speculate that if a teammate asks you to trade heroes and you can’t because you haven’t unlocked them, it would feel restricting. In MOBA terms, Overwatch is becoming more like League of Legends than Dota 2.

Overwatch 2’s unclear status as a successor that replaces the original game affects every new modern feature Blizzard adds to it. Although a battle pass with heroes is familiar to FPS fans, adding it to a game that formerly prided itself on being unfamiliar has troubled its most ardent players about the sequel’s direction.

Overwatch 2’s secret development and Activision Blizzard’s poor public response in the last two years have left players with little reason to trust that decisions are made in their best interests and not for profit. Blizzard will certainly provide battle pass specifics soon, but pessimism may cause it to change its strategy.

“So, practically everyone who can’t unlock heroes in time is effed, thanks,” said Doppelkammertoaster on Reddit. Someone remarked, “It’s all about creating the habit of playing the game, forcing it, not producing a good game you want to play more.”

Babylon’s Fall to End After a Year

Original Source: Babylon’s Fall to close after less than a year live

194 days Babylon’s Fall has been online for that long. Six months after debut, the developer has stated the action RPG would end in early 2023.

Babylon’s Fall is still available on Steam as of this writing, but it will be withdrawn from all stores on September 13. Garaz sales are also being halted. The game’s second season will end on November 29, and “The Final Season” will run until February 27, 2023.

Platinum says it’s canceling large-scale upgrades, but plans to “implement as many events and other initiatives” before the game’s closing. Zenon is the first of two new Very Hard duels in November, followed by Ereshkigal in January.

Platinum appreciated gamers for their feedback during Babylon’s short life. “Through our surveys, we received a lot of enthusiastic words of support, as well as issues and improvement ideas,” the statement said. “This made us feel like we created Babylon’s Fall together with our players. Despite your support, we’re sad to say we can’t continue the game’s service. We hope you enjoy playing Babylon’s Fall till the service expires.”

It’s sad to see Babylon’s Fall go downhill, especially from a developer who formerly made hit games. From its release, the game received poor comments and lost players. In her Babylon’s Fall review, Anne-Marie Coyle noted it was “remarkable mainly for its blandness” Despite being a $60 game, it was hampered by monetisation strategies and needless battle passes that destroyed any fun or natural player growth. Even two months after release, it seemed like only one person was playing the game, which turned out to be journalist Dashiell Wood.

It’s sad to see a game end after 361 days. That’s 200 days less than between E3 2018 and State of Play 2019. It’s hard not to think about what Babylon’s Fall could have become if it had committed to its Nier: Automata-like vision. It’s a rather tragic finale for something that could’ve been a lot more enjoyable.

Babylon’s Fall servers close Feb. 27, 2023 at 11 PM PT.

Stellar Blade is the New Name of 2023’s Project Eve

Original Source: Anime action game Project Eve is now called Stellar Blade, coming in 2023

The hack-and-slash Project Eve has a new name and release date. Stellar Blade is a PS5 exclusive (it’ll probably come to PC). Sony showed a new combat-heavy trailer during today’s State of Play.

Stellar Blade was first shown at a PlayStation showcase last year. Today’s display concentrated on the guns: arm-mounted machine guns and railguns. Players can shoot foes between sword combinations. When fighting 15-foot ogres with lava balls for hands, be thorough.

The teaser also touches on the premise, which is still hazy but looks to start with sci-fi warriors trying to defend a lost city in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The protagonist may have a hereditary destiny, but I was more intrigued by the chainsaw-headed guy.

Stellar Blade looks beautiful and features amazing gameplay samples. This is one of the first PS5 console exclusives to leave the PS4 behind. Shift Up Corporation, a Korean company, is developing Stellar Blade. In 2023.

Summary of Today’s Computer Gaming News

Overall, users of Steam are at risk from a newly discovered “browser-in-the-browser” scam. This sophisticated phishing technique surfaced “out of nowhere” earlier this year, according to security firm Group-IB. According to the company, the attackers simulate a pop-up browser window, not merely a webpage. Using a phony SSL certificate lock sign and other illusions, they can make a fake Steam login form look trustworthy.

Also, players have already given Overwatch 2 a poor reception, and it hasn’t even been released yet. It is due to Blizzard’s plan to lock heroes behind battle pass. Blizzard VP and Overwatch commercial leader Jon Spector said on Twitter that additional heroes will be on the “free track of the battle pass” Blizzard will provide further specifics before the game’s October 4 launch.

Meanwhile, Babylon’s Fall has been online for 194 days. Six months after launching, the developer revealed the action RPG will close in early 2023. Babylon’s Fall is currently accessible on Steam but will be withdrawn from all marketplaces on September 13.

Finally, the hack-and-slash Project Eve has a new name and release date. Stellar Blade is a PS5 exclusive that may come to PC. Sony released new fighting footage during today’s State of Play.



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