Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7 Upcoming Buffs & Nerfs You Need To Know

1 Operator Skills Changes

1. GRAVITY SPIKES: Regeneration time increased. Specialists will take a longer time to cool down, so players will have longer intervals between using it. Higher altitude while jumping to spike (this last one seems more like a buff).

2. DEATH MACHINE GUN (SCYTHE): This is getting nerfed. Damaged has been reduced at close range. Movement speed has been reduced. And the fire rate has been reduced.

2 Scorestreak Changes

1. MQ27 DRAGONFIRE: This scorestreak is getting a buff. It’s strength/HP has been increased. Which means the drone will be in the air for much longer.

2. SHOCK RC: This has been nerfed. The effective time of the scorestreak has been reduced. Players with a higher score or the ones who top the leaderboard can escape the shock quicker. In a team, only a limited number of players can equip the RC car.

5 Speculated Changes

Garena Test Server’s leaked gameplays among players’ community suggest that AK117 might also be getting a nerf. Some players reported that the recoil was uncontrollable, and lasering with that weapon was close to impossible. But no official news has been released about it. We’ll have to wait for the new season to come out for us to know for sure.

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