Discover the Latest News on RICOCHET Anti-Cheat for Modern Warfare™ II, Spider-Man: Miles Morales is Coming, and Elden Ring Dataminers Discovery

In today’s computer gaming news, learn more about Team RICOCHET, who has been researching data and patterns pertaining to cheating and hacking efforts in order to ensure that RICOCHET Anti-CheatTM will be completely implemented on day one of Modern Warfare II. Meanwhile, Miles Morales from Marvel’s Spider-Man is coming to PC gaming. It is scheduled […]

Read About the Latest News on EA Cancelled Plants Vs. Zombies Single-player, EVGA Won’t Make Nvidia Video Cards, and Modern Warfare 2 Trailer

In today’s computer gaming news, learn more about EA Plants vs. Zombies single-player spin-off was terminated through no fault of its own so that the developers may be reassigned to the Visceral-begun single-player Star Wars action-adventure, which was also canceled in 2017. Meanwhile, One of the most prominent manufacturers of Nvidia-based graphics cards will cease […]

Find Out About the Latest News on Free-to-play and in-game Purchases Domination, Breath of the Wild Changed the Way I Play, and DSU Students Created New Game

In today’s video gaming news, learn more about the traditional console and PC game makers that have taken one of the largest revenue prospects from the mobile gaming industry: free-to-play games with in-game purchases. Meanwhile, after spending my twenties gaming all day, my priorities transformed. I can’t binge-play anymore, even if the console still calls […]

Read About the Latest News on Corsair Best Looking Keyboard, CD Projekt Losses and Gains, Kerbal Space Program New Game, and Canceled Dune Game Arrives on Steam

In today’s computer gaming news, learn more about Corsair just released one of favorite ultra-thin keyboards. The K100 Air sports a brushed aluminium frame and low-profile keys. This could be the year’s most gorgeous keyboard for PC gaming and typing. Meanwhile, Marcin Iwiski, one of the co-founders of CD Projekt and the person who was […]