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In today’s gaming news, learn more about James Bendon had no idea that the agricultural computer game he was working on in Australia would become such a huge hit when he first started developing it. It means that farming simulator games have become “hugely popular” and those within agriculture should take notice. Meanwhile, Microsoft highlighted its vision for the next era of the Windows PC, where the PC and the cloud intersect to unleash new experiences. By combining the best of Microsoft on a single device called Surface devices. Lastly, Esports, where gamers compete online, is gaining popularity despite worries that it’s not physically demanding. But, according to Mark L’Estrange, who is in charge of esports at Exeter College, the activity can offer just as many advantages as traditional sports.

What Will Online Farms Mean for Agriculture?

Original Source: Gamers are flocking to online farms — what does this mean for agriculture?

James Bendon never expected his video game on Australian farming to be so popular. It features huge wombats and fire-breathing Tasmanian devils.

“It’s sold over 250,000 copies [since July]; I still can’t believe it,” said Mr. Bendon.

I always liked agricultural games and wanted to develop one that felt like the bush village I grew up in. The response has been wonderful.

Not bad for a game that is only available via early access, a funding strategy that allows consumers to purchase and play a game while it’s being built.

Dylan Bennett, founder of Larrikin Interactive, said Australia’s video game sector is “blooming” creatively and globally.

“There are a lot of amazing games being launched right now, and people don’t realize it,” said Mr. Bennett.

“A good example is Dinkum. Since its [early access] debut, it has made crazy sums of money and done wonderfully well.

17 million Australians play games, per the Bond University Digital Australia Report 2022.

Globally, it’s worth $475 billion ($300 billion).

Farm game boom

Mr Bendon said Dinkum wasn’t realistic about farming in Australia (remember, this is a game that involves milking giant wombats).

But he hopes it taps into a bigger trend among players.

“A lot more games now are less about shooting people and more about growing things,” he remarked.

In the NT, game developer Nathan Groves is influenced by the livestock sector.

It’s called Pasture: The Livestock Simulator and entails managing cattle stations, developing infrastructure, helicopter mustering, improving herd genetics, and more as gamers “create a cattle empire.”

Mr. Groves, born in Katherine and the son of a cattle agent, said the NT has something unique to offer farming games.

“I downloaded Farming Simulator and was shocked I enjoyed it; it got me more interested in the farming equipment in Katherine,” he added.

“I thought, These games are fun, so why not make one about NT cattle?

I think it’s the most interesting farming landscape in the world and excellent for a computer game.

It’s early days for Mr. Groves’ game, which he hopes to release on early access PC next year before targeting Xbox and PlayStation.

How does this help agriculture?

Mr Groves said he knew someone in the NT’s cattle industry who was motivated by a wild west video game.

“Games can impact people, and we want to make this a pleasant method for people around the world to experience NT cattle,” he said.

Dylan Bennett said farmers should take note of the popularity of farming simulator games.

“I think organizations are recognizing how effective video games can be to engage this generation and future generations,” he said.

People who don’t understand video games should use them to catch a new audience and share experiences in a medium they’re familiar with.

He said the gaming industry may inspire more individuals to become involved in agriculture and was becoming an obvious area for agribusinesses to advertise.

Microsoft Offers New Surface Devices That Advance Windows PC

Original Source: Microsoft introduces new Surface devices that take the Windows PC into the next era of computing

Microsoft begins pre-orders for new Surface products, including the Surface Pro 9 and Surface Laptop 5, today.

Pre-ordering a Surface Pro 9 till November 16 will get you a free keyboard worth $268. Pre-order a Surface Laptop 5 by Oct. 24 and get a $150 Microsoft USB-C® Travel Hub. Pre-orders get a free month of Microsoft 365 and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Commercial clients that pre-order a Surface Pro 9 by November 16 will receive a free keyboard (worth $268). Pre-ordering a Surface Laptop 5 until October 24 includes a 4-year Microsoft Extended Hardware Service guarantee.

Microsoft highlighted its vision for the next future of Windows PC, where the PC and cloud interact and AI unlocks new experiences. By combining Microsoft’s best on a single device, users can join, be seen, and express their creativity.

“Bringing the new Surface devices to Singapore expands our Windows 11 portfolio.” Surface’s revolutionary form factors and interaction patterns have altered what the industry expects from a laptop, desktop, tablet, and mobile work device. Surface and Windows helped us connect, create, work, learn, and play in new and natural ways. Today, we take the next step with Windows 11, new Surface products, apps, and experiences. Microsoft Singapore’s Surface Business Group Lead, Shyamol Bansal.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 9 combines a powerful laptop, adaptable tablet, and ink-ready studio.

The tablet has a built-in kickstand and a 13″ PixelSense display with 120Hz refresh rate and wide color gamut. Under the display are an HD camera, Omnisonic speakers, directional microphones, and Microsoft’s own G6 CPU. With Microsoft OneNote’s new Ink Focus or the GoodNotes app for Windows 11, digital ink feels like pen and paper.

Surface Pro 9 features 12th Gen Intel® Core processors on the Intel® EvoTM platform1 with ThunderboltTM 4 or Microsoft SQ®3 powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon with 5G connectivity2. In any instance, users will enjoy the same classic Surface Pro design, exceptional performance, and all-day battery life3.

Intel® Core processors are powerful. Built on the Intel® EvoTM platform, it’s suitable for real-world multitasking, full desktop productivity, and heavy tasks. ThunderboltTM 4 supports fast data transfer, multiple 4K monitors, and eGPUs.

Microsoft SQ®3 delivers 5G connection and 19 hours of battery life4. It enables new AI functions with a new Neural Processing Unit (NPU), transforming how users connect with others. Surface Pro 9’s NPU can perform 15 trillion calculations per second, powering Windows Studio effects.

Surface Pro 9 starts at SG$1,429 and features a high-grade metal case in anodized colors5 and a customizable Signature Keyboard.

Surface Laptop 5’s easy opening and fast log-in with Windows Hello, touchscreen, precision touchpad, and excellent typing experience help you accomplish your finest work.

Surface Laptop 5 has all-day battery life6 and ThunderboltTM 4. Surface Laptop 5 is 50% faster than its predecessor thanks to Intel® EvoTM.

Surface Laptop 5’s 13.5″ or 15″ 3:2 PixelSense display with Dolby Vision IQ provides the best picture, rich colors, and crisp contrast in any lighting. Perfectly tuned speakers with Dolby Atmos 3D spatial processing7 engage users in material. The front-facing HD camera and Studio Microphones record true-to-life images in any lighting.

Surface Laptop 5 starts at SG$1,429 and has new features that let customers enjoy immersive entertainment on their terms.

Microsoft introduced Surface Studio in October 2016. It was unique and captivated folks immediately. Demand for the ideal creative canvas has grown as work environments have altered.

Microsoft has rearchitected the Surface Studio processing engine with an updated Intel Core H-35 processor to match demand for its attractive, powerful, and versatile device. Microsoft’s NVIDIA Ge Force RTX 3060 discrete graphics double graphics performance for realistic ray-traced 3D design and render models.

Starting at SG$6,848, Surface Studio 2+ has an improved display, cameras, Studio Mics, and connectors and meets Secured-core PC standards for handling sensitive data. This beautiful, powerful, and adaptable device makes it easy to boost productivity and creativity.

Image and Microsoft Designer

Microsoft 365 now includes Microsoft Designer for graphic design. It uses AI, especially DALLE 2, to bring creative visions to reality. Designer helps users construct social network posts, invitations, and more quickly from your own information or ideas.

Microsoft AI and DALLE 2 in its Microsoft Designer software blur the platform, device, and cloud so users may express themselves better. Regardless of skill level, save time and improve creativity. Microsoft Creator features, including DALLE 2 integration, will soon be added to Bing and Edge’s Image Creator, allowing users to use their words to search and create.

Digital Skills Are the Future, Says Exeter College’s Boss

Original Source: ‘More than just computer games’: Exeter College boss says digital skills are the future

It has almost 800 million spectators but no bats, balls, grass, or track, and you can wear whatever you want.

Esports, where gamers compete online, is gaining popularity despite worries that it’s not physically demanding.

Esports Exeter College president Mark L’Estrange feels the subject is exactly as beneficial as other sports.

‘Esport is media and play,’ he remarked. It’s about teamwork, resilience, handling failure and celebrating success, bonding, and putting egos aside. Traditional sport’s benefits are there.

Esports is a billion-pound industry with 810 million fans globally.

Exeter College’s Esports academy launched a new fully equipped gaming facility this week, which they hope will provide pupils the skills they need to thrive in life.

Rob Bosworth, vice principal, said young people will have a different understanding of a job.

“People will work, but also do other things. They’ll have YouTube, podcasts, and blogs. These skills are crucial for engaging in the world and starting a business.”

The college offers cheap gym memberships so students can be physically and mentally fit.

Summary of Today’s Computer Gaming News

Overall, the popularity of farming simulator games has exploded, and people in the agricultural industry should take note. “I believe that organizations are beginning to recognize how effective video games can be as a medium for telling diverse stories and how effective they can be in engaging with this generation and future generations,” As reported by Dylan Bennett. He also said that the gaming industry might inspire more individuals to become engaged in agriculture and was an obvious area for agribusinesses to advertise.

On the other hand, Microsoft highlighted its vision for the next era of the Windows PC, where the PC and the cloud intersect to unleash new experiences. By combining the best of Microsoft on a single device, users can join, be seen, and express creativity. “We’re glad to bring the new Surface devices to Singapore, broadening our Windows 11 line. In the past ten years, Surface has pushed PC conventions with revolutionary form factors and new interaction models, changing what the industry expects from a laptop, desktop, tablet, and mobile work device. More importantly, Surface and Windows helped erase barriers, allowing us to connect, create, work, learn, and play in new and natural ways. With Windows 11, new Surface products, apps, and experiences, we move forward.” Shyamol Bansal, Surface Group Lead said at Microsoft Singapore.

Finally, Esports Exeter College president Mark L’Estrange feels that Esports is exactly as beneficial as other sports.He said, “Esport is not just play; it’s also media.” “It’s about building a strong team and being able to deal with loss and celebrate a win. It’s about getting to know each other and realizing that egos have to be put aside.” All the good things about traditional sports are still there. Esports is one of the industries that is growing the fastest. It is worth more than a billion pounds, and about 810 million people around the world watch it.



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