Understand the Latest News on India’s Ban on Chinese Video Games, Phil Spencer Says on Activision Scrutiny, and Another Job Listing Says Sony’s New Studio

In today’s video gaming news, learn more about New Delhi has banned a succession of highly popular battle royale games on national security grounds as part of a harsh assault on Chinese technology. Tencent, Singapore’s Sea, and South Korea’s Krafton have all had their games prohibited due to purported China-related security concerns. Domestic success is […]

Hear About the Latest News on Tiktok’s Gaming Channel Launches, Crosswords Beat Video Games at Slowing Memory Loss, and Philips Announces  New PC Gaming Brand Evnia

In today’s pc gaming news, learn more about TikTok is making a significant push into the gaming industry by introducing a specialized tab within the site that hosts short-form videos. This marks the company’s first foray into a different kind of entertainment format. Meanwhile, Crossword puzzles are better than video games for memory in older […]

Find Out About the Latest News on Microsoft Exec Says on Gaming, New Esports Program at Vimy Ridge, and Carnifex Author Claims New Film and Game Are Unlicensed

In today’s video gaming news, learn more about the chief of Microsoft’s gaming division stated on Wednesday that video games can withstand economic downturn, even as the software developer anticipates a sluggish recovery in other consumer-oriented business segments. Meanwhile, Vimy Ridge Academy introduced an esports program that aims to prepare students for careers in the […]

Read About the Latest News on Asus New Dual-Chamber Computer Case, Microsoft Races Sony for Chinese Gaming Hits, and Riot Fixes ‘pay-to-lose’ Valorant Gun Skin

In today’s computer gaming news, learn more about ASUS has introduced the TUF Gaming GT502 computer gaming case, which has twin chambers, tempered panoramic glass, and space for up to thirteen fans. Meanwhile, Microsoft Corp. is stockpiling Chinese video game content in an effort to replicate Sony Group Corp.’s success with “Genshin Impact,” according to […]

Learn More About the Latest News on UTM Acquires Video Game Collection, Microsoft Calls Cloud Gaming ‘immature’, and Coroner Warning on Gaming

In today’s video gaming news, learn more about the University of Toronto Mississauga’s (UTM) recent acquisition of one of the largest video game collections could be significant in advancing a unique field of study in Canada. Meanwhile, Microsoft provided a somewhat less bullish picture on the emerging technologies. As part of its latest bid to […]

Understand the Latest News on Fallout 76 Lead Designer Died, Former Hearthstone Boss Says About Marvel Snap, and Steam’s New Mobile App Improvements

In today’s marijuanapy gaming news, learn more about Ferret Baudoin, senior designer at Bethesda Softworks and lead designer of Fallout 76, has passed away. According to a Facebook memorial page, he “died away abruptly” on October 15, “surrounded by his family and friends.” Meanwhile, Ben Brode, co-founder of Second Dinner, explains why simplicity and speed […]

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In today’s computer gaming news, learn more about casino and video game sectors, both of which are highly competitive, and are in agreement that there is significant financial potential in merging their two businesses. Meanwhile, a person’s working memory is critically important for functioning in daily life. Researchers found that cognitive training alongside transcranial direct […]