Understand the Latest News About Game Industy’s Risks and Proposals, U of S Researcher Studies Gaming Benefits, and New Minecraft Game

In today’s gaming news, learn more about the study, which includes experts from the Queen Mary University of London and the University of Bristol, is essential in light of the rapidly expanding and changing video gaming industry. Meanwhile, one of the researchers at the University of Saskatchewan is working to dispel common misconceptions about video gaming. The majority of people engage in gaming as a means of distancing themselves from the pressures of daily life and of having fun. Lastly, a prominent video game industry insider has hinted at the release of a new Minecraft game. Over the past few years, Mojang Studios has been gradually introducing additional features to the game.

Video Game Industry Risks and Recommendations

Original Source: IP is the name of the game: First global study into copyright infringement and enforcement strategies in the video game industry reveals key threats and recommendations

Limited study and policy explore country disparities in video game copyright protection. So, the video game industry must negotiate numerous jurisdictions and establish effective enforcement techniques to deal with distinct copyright infringements.

The video game business has grown rapidly since the early 2000s and now surpasses cinema and music in popularity and income. For example, video game income is expected to reach USD 180 billion in 2022 and USD 200 billion in 2023.

This rapid growth and advancement in technology creates new hurdles for the sector in terms of legislation and regulations. The research, commissioned by WIPO and presented in Geneva in September 2022, identified potentially infringing uses and practices unique to video games and categorised them by when in the video game lifecycle they occur.


The usage and incorporation of third-party intellectual property in a video game might expose the creator to copyright infringement liability. Real-world brands, protected designs, characters, or performances. The other instance is cloning, in which a competitor builds a game that copies the original’s experience.

Access to video games: This analyzes emulators and ROMs (read-only memory files) that allow a game to be run on other hardware and/or software platforms than for which it was created. This is relevant in retro gaming, as older titles are not playable on newer consoles and operating systems. Key selling, which involves illicit reselling of access keys, account transfers, and second-hand video games, infringes on the exclusive right of distribution and/or public availability and is usually forbidden by license agreements. This shows how copyright law treats physical vs. digital copies.

This focuses on two types of modifications: modding, which involves modifying a video game in ways not intended or enabled by the developer, and in-game user creations, which result from players using the game’s tools to create new content (in-game creativity enabled by sandbox games such as Minecraft).

Interrupting the game: Cheating or using private servers are key examples. These exploits may require modifying the game or some of its aspects. This harms player experience.

Video game reuse: These uses and practices go beyond just ‘playing’ the game and re-purpose the game or some of its content outside the context of the game, such as user-generated content (UGC) and esports, the former performed by players and player communities and the latter by professional players and tournament organizers in a competitive context.

Copyright, trademarks, and patents are common in video game IP conflicts. Given that intellectual property rights are the lifeblood of the industry, video game firms must defend their IP to safeguard earnings and keep against unauthorised, infringing, or detrimental uses and practices.

There is evidence that not all potentially infringing behaviors offer a hazard that has to be tackled and can even be good for the community and the video game firm, say the researchers.

Right holders should also be mindful of enforcement concerns. Thus, it must be carefully considered if pursuing a copyright violation legally makes financial sense.

According to study, video game businesses tend to allow modding, in-game creations, and user-generated material if they have favorable economic and marketing impacts.

Despite certain jurisdictions’ allegations of video game copyright infringement, research shows that avoiding litigation is excellent practice, unless the violation poses a serious danger and there is a high possibility of winning. Also, a multilayered enforcement strategy is advised. The industry has avoided litigation by proactively contacting accused infringers or using imaginative contractual or technical solutions.

Dr. Michaela MacDonald of Queen Mary University of London said, “Given the global and highly complex nature of the industry, the gaps in copyright law, and the interactivity of video games, we are faced with diverse and often unique uses, practices, and strategies that are not easily translated into specific industry-wide policies and strategies.” Copyright law and license agreements play a significant role and must be updated to enable industrial growth.

She noted, “Flexibility and inventive solutions will be key to tackling the video game industry’s unique infringement concerns.”

Dr. Gaetano Dimita, Senior Lecturer in International Intellectual Property Law at Queen Mary University of London, said video games are the most innovative and successful creative industry and have a tremendous impact on culture and society. They can help us predict the future, and we appreciate the growing recognition of their value.

Their unique character (interactivity, connectedness, and inventiveness) creates a really unique ecology. This trend will grow in the Metaverse.”

Dr. Yin Harn Lee, a law lecturer at the University of Bristol, noted that not all unlicensed uses and practices pose a commercial danger to the video game industry. Streaming, modding, and UGC are useful to the industry and show a thriving user community. Video game companies should implement a multi-layered copyright enforcement strategy to maintain positive relationships with their most engaged users.

University of Saskatchewan Researcher Starts Study on Video Game Benefits

Original Source: ‘A really nice balance’: U of S researcher begins study on beneficial aspects of video games

A University of Saskatchewan researcher dispels video gaming myths.

Games are an escape from reality and a method to have fun.

Next Level Game Exchange proprietor Anthony Foster says it’s a pleasant break from a long day. Depending on how much time you have, you can play a game for 45 minutes or 4 hours.

The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada has funded Cody Phillips and his computer science team to identify productivity-boosting gaming mechanisms.

Globally, 1 trillion hours a year are spent playing video games.

“We need to know where that time is going and how to use it,” Phillips told CTV News.

It’s a ‘discovery’ grant, so it’s flexible. We’re not sure what we’ll find in this place, but we have some good ideas.

For knowledge workers, a one-hour video gaming break is like going for a stroll to generate thoughts.

You can play for a while and feel good about defeating game hurdles. “Then you can pack for any task,” Phillips remarked.

“If you’re attentive of how you play and how much time you spend, you may achieve a beautiful balance.”

It depends on the game.

He stated art games are wonderful for this. He said, “They contain lots of open-ended elements and a reasonable conclusion point for many games.”

But some games lack a logical end. Play match after match. You can get stuck saying, ‘I’ll play one more round to get a win.’ Those are the games where we tend to see concerns, so we want to avoid them if we can.

Phillips and his colleagues are installing bots on a major social media platform that will alert gamers how long they’ve been playing and then remind them of their values, urging them back to real-world responsibilities.

The pandemic has highlighted the social side of gaming.

“I think the pandemic and lockdown helped shift a lot of people’s views on video games and gamers,” said Foster.

Phillips says it adds to his studies.

During the pandemic, he claimed, many people lost their social connection.

“We watched people play Minecraft, Among Us, and Animal Crossing to develop social ties.”

While the five-year project is broad, Phillips intends to make video games a valuable mental tool for knowledge workers.

Insider Reveals New Minecraft Game

Original Source: New Minecraft Game Teased by Insider

An industry insider teased a new Minecraft game. Mojang Studios has been expanding Minecraft for years. While Minecraft remains popular, other games like Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft Legends have emerged. Minecraft Legends will be released in 2023, but it’s not the only spin-off in the works.

Jez Corden says a new Minecraft game unrelated to Legends or Dungeons is in development. In the newest Xbox Two Podcast, Corden revealed this. Unfortunately, we only know this project exists. Corden doesn’t know the game’s name, genre, or release date. This move wouldn’t be a surprise and would create a third spin-off.

Next weekend’s Minecraft Live event could showcase this new title. This event will expose new Minecraft knowledge. According to Corden’s leak, this announcement won’t be at Minecraft Live. Corden said Mojang may not be ready to reveal the spin-off yet. If this information is genuine, we may have to wait longer to see this game officially.

Do you want another Minecraft game? And what genre should this be? Tell me in the comments or on Twitter @MooreMan12.

Summary of Today’s Computer Gaming News

Overall, according to the researchers, the research, which was commissioned by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and presented in Geneva in September 2022, identified potentially infringing uses and practices that are unique to video games and categorized them based on when they occur in the video game lifecycle.

On the other hand, The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada has recently granted funds to Cody Phillips and his team at the department of computer science in order to identify gaming mechanics that are conducive to productivity.

Finally, an influential member of the video game business has hinted the release of a new Minecraft game. This new Minecraft game unrelated to Legends or Dungeons is currently in production. This information was revealed by Corden on the most recent episode of The Xbox Two Podcast. Sadly, all we know about this project at the time is that it exists. Corden is unaware of the game’s name, genre, or possible release date. Nonetheless, this move would not be unexpected and would result in a third spin-off entry within the series.



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