Find Out About the Latest News on Microsoft Exec Says on Gaming, New Esports Program at Vimy Ridge, and Carnifex Author Claims New Film and Game Are Unlicensed

In today’s video gaming news, learn more about the chief of Microsoft’s gaming division stated on Wednesday that video games can withstand economic downturn, even as the software developer anticipates a sluggish recovery in other consumer-oriented business segments. Meanwhile, Vimy Ridge Academy introduced an esports program that aims to prepare students for careers in the technology and video game industries. Esports (electronic sports) are competitive multiplayer online video games, and according to trainer Joshua Hubert, the new curriculum teaches pupils many of the same abilities that are required by professional athletes. Lastly, Matthew J. Barbeler, an independent author, has claimed that the upcoming film Carnifex, which is also being made into a video game by South Australian developer Mighty Kingdom, is an illegal adaptation of his 2016 horror novel of the same name.

Microsoft Exec: Gaming is ‘somewhat Immune’ to Recession

Original Source: Microsoft exec says gaming is ‘somewhat resilient’ to economic weakness

Microsoft’s chief of gaming said Wednesday that video games can withstand economic hardship, even as the software firm forecasts weaker consumer business growth.

Investors are rushing to locate financial markets that can withstand a slump as prices and interest rates rise. Microsoft is working to conclude its $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

In a recession, technology may be at danger. Alphabet and Meta Platforms still rely on advertising, the former on internet search and the latter on social media. CEO of networking hardware firm Netgear, which announced a 14% annualized revenue fall on Wednesday, said consumers face a “difficult macroeconomic climate.”

Microsoft is more diverse than other companies, but officials predicted consumer exposure would damage sales of Windows licenses, Surface PCs, and advertising on Bing and LinkedIn.

During the quarter, the company aims to add more users to its Xbox Game Pass service, which allows unlimited access to hundreds of video games. Gaming revenue should decrease in the low to mid-teens due to high increase in the year-ago quarter, Hood said.

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer was hopeful about the unit.

In times of economic hardship for families, gaming has proven resilient, he said at WSJ Tech Live in Laguna Beach, California.

Nobody agrees with Spencer.

Mat Piscatella, executive director and video game industry advisor at NPD Group, tweeted in July that the industry isn’t recession-proof.

Piers Harding-Rolls, research director at Ampere Analysis, agreed.

“After two years of great growth, the games sector is prepared to hand back some growth in 2022,” he told CNBC in July.

Spencer can cite Microsoft’s experience with recessions as proof.

In 2008, as the public became interested in the Nintendo Wii, Microsoft dropped Xbox system costs in various areas. It was the “greatest holiday and best calendar year in the history of Xbox,” claimed Robbie Bach, president of Microsoft’s entertainment and devices unit at the time.

A brief recession and coronavirus outbreak in 2020 encouraged people to stay home and play more games, notably on Xbox and PCs. People gravitate to gaming to maintain personal connection while adopting social distancing, CEO Satya Nadella remarked in April 2020.

Microsoft provides users an option of how much to spend on consoles, Spencer added. Company provides $499 Xbox Series X and $299 Xbox Series S. Microsoft subsidizes the cost by $100 to $200 per console, hoping to make it back on accessory and storefront sales, he added. It’s up to gamers if they choose to spend $10 or $15 per month for Game Pass. They can buy or play games for free.

Spencer thinks Microsoft can’t keep game costs steady indefinitely. They can bring a lot of fun, though. “People can play for hundreds of hours,” he remarked.

New Vimy Ridge Program Teaches Youngsters Esports

Original Source: New esports program at Vimy Ridge coaches kids to compete online

A school in Edmonton trains a unique type of athlete.

This year, Vimy Ridge Academy started an esports program to teach pupils computing and video game skills.

Esports are competitive online multiplayer video games, and teacher Joshua Hubert says the new program provides pupils many of the same skills pro athletes learn.

“Communication is crucial in team sports, so they’re building that here,” he said. “A lot is similar, right? That sort of thing.”

Vimy Ridge Academy offers 14 programs, and students spend 2.5 hours a day on their selected subject.

The 18 esports kids in Hubert’s class don’t just play video games, he added.

About half the time is spent on field trips and health instruction, including fitness, injury avoidance, and reflex strengthening. Mental health is also taught, and students learn about toxicity and burnout in esports.

“We want to teach them how to be respectable competitors, decent citizens, and respectful human beings,” Hubert remarked.

It’s a developing kind of entertainment, so we may offer this program. It’s a real job, Hubert added. “Even outside of esports contests, many people stream and compete online.”

Joaquin Lafuente, a new program student, says esports are like any other sport.

“It’s not just games,” Lafuente remarked. We have professionals tell us how it’s going and what it’s like.

“If you work hard and are devoted, you can make a job out of it,” he said. “That’s a goal of many individuals here.”

The curriculum teaches programming, audio/visual design, and computer engineering.

“It’d be nice if every kid here became an esports pro and made a lot of money, but that’s not the case,” Hubert remarked. “For those who don’t, we offer alternative job routes.”

Hubert said the program is also about community building, and he feels honored to share his enthusiasm for esports with the students – something he never dreamed he’d do as a teacher.

“I’m lucky to be here,” Hubert stated. The kids have fantastic attitudes, are cohesive and inviting, and it’s a great location for them to establish community.

“I have buddies and we hang together,” said Lafuente. It is a good place to meet others with similar interests.

Carnifex Author Claims New Film and Game Lack Rights

Original Source: Carnifex author alleges new film and game were produced without rights

Independent author Matthew J. Barbeler claims the upcoming film Carnifex, which is also being converted into a computer game by South Australian company Mighty Kingdom, takes direct inspiration from his 2016 horror novel of the same name.

Carnifex’s producers refute the charges.

Carnifex is a horror thriller set in the Australian outback, like Jurassic Park meets Wolf Creek. In the tale, five travelers explore bushland and stumble upon a predator considered extinct.

The plot is: “An aspiring documentarian and two environmentalists trek into the outback to record creatures displaced by bushfires.” ‘Find a terrible new species.’

In these horror stories, a gang wanders the Australian outback and encounters a horrific entity.

Matthew J. Barbeler tweeted that he did not sell the rights to his Australian horror novel Carnifex after the SAFC released the film’s trailer. “The movie’s IMDb page references my book.” That means someone had to know about the link and have IMDb approve it. Too much in common to be a coincidence.

Barbeler notes that the film’s IMDb page links to his novel, which is ‘unrelated’ yet has comparable themes.

Mighty Kingdom will adapt the Carnifex film in 2023. It will be a unique Australian horror game and will be released in FY23, before June 2023. It’s unknown if recent layoffs or copyright allegations will effect this release.

According to Barbeler, an IP lawyer will likely advise him on next measures and whether the impending Carnifex picture is similar enough to his original proposal to warrant a deeper examination.

The developers of Carnifex deny copying Barbeler’s work.

‘No one affiliated with the “Carnifex” film knew about Mr. Barbeler’s book or the author before filming began,’ a spokesman told ScreenHub.

‘The Thylacoleo Carnifex is in the public domain and is not an original monster concept, as are many Shark legends. The Latin word Carnifex means ‘butcher’ or’meat maker’ Not copyrighted.

‘As part of the film’s legal process, they undertake comprehensive title searches.

The producers have warned that any unfounded charges of copyright infringement will be vigorously pursued.

Summary of Today’s Computer Gaming News

Overall, on Wednesday, Microsoft’s president of gaming indicated that video games can survive economic hardship, even though the software giant anticipates a slower revival in other consumer-facing industry. Investors have been prompted by rising prices and interest rates to move quickly in search of financial markets that can withstand a crisis. Microsoft is still putting a lot of resources into the gaming industry as it prepares to complete its $68.7 billion acquisition of video game developer Activision Blizzard.

On the other hand, in Edmonton, there is a school preparing a special kind of student athlete. An esports program has been introduced this year at Vimy Ridge Academy, with a focus on preparing students for careers in the tech and video game industries. Esports (electronic sports) are competitive multiplayer online video games, and teacher Joshua Hubert claims that the new curriculum will teach children many of the same abilities used by professional sportsmen. At Vimy Ridge Academy, students can choose to spend two and a half hours every day participating in activities related to one of fourteen distinct programs.

Finally, Independent author Matthew J. Barbeler claims the planned film Carnifex, also being translated into a video game by South Australian developer Mighty Kingdom, is an unauthorised work that directly pulls inspiration from his original IP, a horror novel also titled Carnifex, released in 2016. Carnifex (the film) makers refute these allegations emphatically. Carnifex, by Barbeler, is a horror novel set in the Australian outback that has been compared to Jurassic Park and Wolf Creek. After venturing into the wilderness, a group of five tourists find themselves “in the hunting grounds of a predator long considered extinct” in the story.



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