Understand the Latest News About Biden Exec Order for Cannabis, Texas Medical Marijuana Defines PTSD, and Ban Marijuana Dispensaries in Unincorporated Areas

In today’s marijuana health news, learn more about President Joe Biden has signed a new executive order focusing on racial equity and highlighting his efforts to “address our nation’s disastrous approach to marijuana.” Meanwhile, several legislation have been introduced in the Texas Legislature to broaden access to medical cannabis to a broader range of conditions. […]

Uncover the Latest News About Marijuana Legalization Doesn’t Increase Drug or Alcohol Abuse, Virginia Passes Marijuana Sales, and Gulfport’s New Cannabis Clinic

In today’s marijuana health news, learn more about how living in a U.S. state where marijuana is allowed for recreational use does not appear to enhance the risk of drug or alcohol abuse, a new twin study concludes. Meanwhile, Virginia lawmakers adopted legislation to legalize adult-use marijuana sales and permit cannabis firms to take some […]

Hear the Latest News About FDA Explores Regulating CBD, Topical CBD May Help SSC Digital Ulcers, and Levin Health Experts Explain CBD and THC

In today’s cbd health news, learn more about FDA exploring the use of cannabis in food and dietary supplements to determine what public regulations are necessary. Meanwhile, an Italian study reveals that topical cannabidiol may promote the healing of digital ulcers, enhance quality of life, and reduce discomfort in patients with systemic sclerosis (SSc). Lastly, […]

Uncover the Latest News About Elderly Cannabis-Related ED Visits Rising,  GOP Leaders Favor Medical Marijuana, and Lung Cancer and Recreational Marijuana

In today’s marijuana health news, learn more about a study from the University of California San Diego School of Medicine that has discovered a dramatic increase in emergency department visits using cannabis among the elderly. Meanwhile, Wisconsin’s Republican leaders have indicated that legalizing medical marijuana may be on their legislative agenda for 2023. Lastly, Dr. […]

Discover the Latest News About Marijuana Consumption by Children Rises, Cannabis Research Soared in 2022, and Iowa’s 2022 Medical Marijuana Sales

In today’s cannabis health news, learn more about a research published in Pediatrics on Tuesday found that more young children are becoming ill after unintentionally consuming marijuana edibles. Meanwhile, the global cannabis research community is thriving, with an all-time high in the number of peer-reviewed scientific articles published on the topic in 2022. Lastly, the […]

Learn More the Latest News About 2023 CBD Predictions, CBD Advertising Relaxed by Google, and 5 CBD Oil Confirmed Health Benefits

In today’s CBD health news, learn more about CBD’s regulatory uncertainty, tight restrictions and unreliable marketing claims might be eased a lot in 2023 due to positive and the wellness benefits are more clearly defined in recent studies. Meanwhile, Google, owned by Alphabet Inc., will explore easing its regulations on promoting cannabidiol (CBD) by showing […]

Understand the Latest News About Cannabis May Relieve Pain, More Marijuana Licenses in Florida, and Marijuana Will Be Legal in Minnesota

In today’s CBD health news, learn more about how research indicates that cannabis and placebo offer comparable pain relief, but this may not be the whole story. Meanwhile, State health regulators initiated the process to give up to 22 additional medical-marijuana licenses on Monday, a widely anticipated move that may increase Florida’s medical-cannabis sector. Lastly, […]