Uncover the Latest News About Increase in Therapeutic Cannabis Use, CBD Increases Elite Athlete Function, and Himachal Pradesh Legalizes Cannabis

In today’s cannabis health news, learn more about new research from the Lambert Initiative at the University of Sydney reveals that the majority of Australians continue to use illegal cannabis for medical purposes, despite a dramatic increase in the number of people gaining access to prescription drugs. Meanwhile, a new study found that topical CBD was ‘well tolerated’ by elite athletes who reported reductions in pain and improvements in function and quality of life after treatment. Lastly, some reports about the state government of Himachal Pradesh are contemplating legalizing the cultivation of cannabis. It followed the Thursday decision by the Congress government to establish a committee to examine the possibility of legal cannabis cultivation. Here is all the pertinent information regarding the development.

Increase in Therapeutic Cannabis Use

Original Source: Legal use of medicinal cannabis on the rise

CAMS20 follows CAMS16 and CAMS18 and comprises 1,600 medical cannabis users from September 2020 to January 2021. The findings appeared in Harm Reduction Journal.

In the 2018 CAMS survey, 2.5 percent of respondents reported using medicinal cannabis prescriptions. In the 2019 study, 37 percent did (CAMS18). Women, older people, and unemployed people utilized prescription cannabis.

Lead researcher Professor Nicholas Lintzeris from the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Medicine and Health said, “The evidence suggests we have seen a transition from illicit to legal usage of medical cannabis.”

Moving to prescribed medications, especially when users reported safer medicinal cannabis use, had many benefits. He continued, “Those using illicit cannabis were more likely to smoke their cannabis, whereas people using prescribed goods were more likely to utilize oral products or vaporized cannabis, showing a health benefit of using prescribed products.”

95% of responders claimed health improvements from medical cannabis use.

The Therapeutics Products Administration, which approves prescriptions and tracks ailments, found that chronic pain was the leading reason for using medicinal cannabis. Illicit users were more likely to treat mental health or sleep issues.

Despite the substantial increase in patients receiving prescription products in the last two years, just 24% of prescribed patients believed that the existing paradigm for accessing medicinal cannabis was easy or straightforward.

The expense of medicinal cannabis, which averages $79 per week, was cited by most responders as a barrier.

According to a 2020 Senate Inquiry investigating patient access to medicinal cannabis in Australia, illicit medical cannabis users also reported difficulty locating doctors who would prescribe. Medicinal cannabis education for health providers needs improvement.

Professor Iain McGregor, Academic Director of the Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapies, remarked, “Medical cannabis has advantages over criminal cannabis.” “These include safer routes of administration, more certainty of access, and better communication between patients and clinicians. Illicit products don’t tell patients the THC/CBD ratio. More should be done to switch patients from illegal to regulated, quality-controlled cannabis.

CAMS is the largest national survey of medicinal cannabis users, done every two years. It was a collaboration between the Department of Addiction Medicine and the Lambert Initiative for Cannabis Therapies at the University of Sydney.

Topical CBD Increases Elite Athlete Function

Original Source: Study: topical CBD improves function in elite athletes

CBD’s impact on professional athletes have been studied for the first time.

Twenty former US/American football, track and field, and basketball players with persistent pain from “acute lower extremity injuries” were studied.

The athletes had been in persistent pain for at least three months and had tried everything from surgery to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines and opioids to chiropractors, athletic trainers, and massage therapists.

For six weeks, participants got 10mg of topical CBD twice a day.

30% of volunteers reported minor side effects, the most common of which were skin rash and dryness, none of which required medical treatment.

Together with tolerability, the Pain Disability Index (PDI) and Lower Extremity Functional Scale (LEFS) were utilized to assess pain and function.

The results indicated “substantial improvement in self-reported pain levels” and “pain-related impairment.” As a result, participants’ “family and home duties,” “life support, occupational, recreational and social activities,” self-care, and sexual function improved.

In the paper’s commentary, the authors add, “It was concluded that all individuals experienced significant improvements in both quality of life, as judged by the PDI recorded at intake and exit, and alleviation of pain, as indicated by the decrease in pain level over time recorded in the pain journals.”

The early results reported here imply a therapeutic response to CBD as a monotherapy for pain treatment. Using CBD with other cannabinoids may improve this.

To build on these “promising findings” and better understand how CBD can assist treat joint pain, the researchers suggest future randomised control trials.

“To our knowledge, this is the first trial to investigate CBD treatment in professional athletes,” they conclude.

Elite athletes are taught and attuned to analyze safety hazards owing to their professional lives.

They add: “Given the promising findings presented in this study, the mechanism by which CBD regulates joint pain should be studied in future investigations.”

CBD’s role in sports

The World Anti-Doping Agency no longer bans CBD. In case of anti-doping breaches, CBD products should not be utilized before contests. CBD products are used at the athlete’s risk.

Nonetheless, numerous famous sportsmen have come out about their use of cannabidiol and its benefits, from reducing performance anxiety to improving recuperation.

Cannabis is increasingly approved by professional sports organizations.

The NFL and NFLPA pain management committees awarded a $1 million grant in 2021 to study the effects of cannabis, cannabinoids, and non-pharmacologic treatments on pain and physical performance in American football.

This week, sources indicate that the NBA (National Basketball Association) will stop testing players for cannabis use, following MLB and NHL (National Hockey League).

Himachal Pradesh Legalizes Cannabis? India’s “Medical Marijuana” Usage and History

Original Source: Explained: Himachal Pradesh To Legalise Cannabis Cultivation? ‘Medical Marijuana’ In India & Its Uses; The Story So Far

Cannabis production may be legalized in Himachal Pradesh, according to reports. On Thursday, the Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu government formed a group to consider legalizing cannabis.

India’s legal cannabis farming history is here.

What’s Shimla’s latest? After the Assembly debate, Chief Minister Sukhu announced the creation of a five-member all-party team to investigate. Jagat Singh Negi, Revenue and Horticulture Minister, will lead the committee’s month-long report submission.

The CM said… “We formed a committee to report to the government on cannabis cultivation after the assembly discussed it. After the committee’s report, we’ll examine legal possibilities for medicinal and industrial use “The Himachal CM told PTI.

The committee’s responsibilities: Members of the panel said they will investigate how licensed cannabis farming may be realistic. Priority regions include:

How will it grow?

Can anyone grow it?

What will govern it?

Regulated cultivation and transportation—who will manage it?

How to guarantee the decision won’t backfire?

What regulations are needed?

Is the Opposition fully on board? There’s no evidence otherwise. The Assembly debated BJP MLA Puran Chand Thakur’s resolution. Under rule 63, he intended to explore industrial and therapeutic cannabis use.

The new committee’s medical expert is BJP Legislator Dr. Janak Raj. According to him, medical cannabis use will eventually reduce drug consumption. It might create jobs and boost the state’s economy.

Cannabis for medical use: “Tetrahydrocannabinol is cannabis’ active component. It’s used to treat neurological illnesses like Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and cancer “PTI quoted Dr. Janak Raj.

Marijuana’s medical uses: Britannica says medical cannabis is usually smoked, vaporized, or eaten. Clinical trials have shown that cannabis may help treat pain, stiffness, nausea, anorexia, and seizures.

The New Indian Express (TNIE) stated that Uttarakhand was the first state to legalize cannabis production in 2017. According to the research, controlled cultivation is allowed in several Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh areas.

Summary of Today’s Cannabis Health News

Overall, following on from CAMS16 and CAMS18, the Cannabis as Medicine Study (CAMS20) will survey 1,600 cannabis patients between September 2020 and January 2021. Harm Reduction Journal recently published the findings. There was a considerable rise from the 2.5% who reported prescription use in the 2018 CAMS survey to the 37% who reported receiving a legal prescription for medicinal cannabis (CAMS18). Those who relied solely on medical marijuana tended to be older, more likely to be women, and less likely to be gainfully employed. According to senior researcher Professor Nicholas Lintzeris of the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Medicine and Health, “the data implies we have seen a transition from illicit to legal usage of medical cannabis.”

On the other hand, the results of what is widely regarded as the first study of its sort looking into the effects of CBD on professional athletes have just been published. Twenty ex-professional US/American football, track and field, or basketball players with persistent pain from ‘acute lower extremity injuries’ were surveyed by the researchers. During six weeks, each subject applied a CBD cream containing 10 milligrams. According to the results, both pain and pain-related impairment were significantly reduced. Participants reported enhanced abilities in areas including self-care and sexual function; family and home obligations; life support; occupational; recreational; and social activities; and more.

Finally,  Cannabis production may be legalized in Himachal Pradesh, according to reports. On Thursday, the Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu government formed a group to consider legalizing cannabis. After the Assembly debate, Chief Minister Sukhu announced the creation of a five-member all-party team to investigate. Jagat Singh Negi, Revenue and Horticulture Minister, will lead the committee’s month-long report submission.



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