Understand the Latest News About Biden Exec Order for Cannabis, Texas Medical Marijuana Defines PTSD, and Ban Marijuana Dispensaries in Unincorporated Areas

In today’s marijuana health news, learn more about President Joe Biden has signed a new executive order focusing on racial equity and highlighting his efforts to “address our nation’s disastrous approach to marijuana.” Meanwhile, several legislation have been introduced in the Texas Legislature to broaden access to medical cannabis to a broader range of conditions. Lastly, the Collier County Board of Commissioners passed an ordinance banning medical marijuana treatment center dispensaries in unincorporated areas.

Cannabis Actions Lauded in Biden Executive Order

Original Source: New Biden exec order touts cannabis actions

President Joseph Biden issued an executive order on Thursday praising the administration’s efforts to fix the “failed approach” to federal marijuana regulation.

The executive order promotes federal agency and White House equity rather than administrative cannabis reforms. The president linked the matter to his marijuana measures.

Biden offered a mass pardon for non-violent federal cannabis possession convictions late last year and ordered a multi-agency review of marijuana scheduling under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA).

“My Administration has taken action to strengthen public safety, advance criminal justice reform, correct our country’s failed approach to marijuana, protect civil rights, and stand up against rising extremism and hate-fueled violence that threaten the fabric of our democracy,” the president said in the new order.

The White House’s executive order information sheet details the president’s cannabis history.

“The President boldly addressed our failed marijuana approach,” it says. “The punishment of marijuana possession—for behaviour that is now lawful in many states—has upended too many lives.”

The mass marijuana pardon removed “barriers to housing, job, and educational possibilities for thousands of people with their prior convictions.”

Since most marijuana charges are state and local, the President urged all state governors to follow his example. Because this Administration is guided by science and evidence, he called on the Departments of Health and Human Services and Justice to promptly evaluate how marijuana is scheduled under federal law.”

Biden’s cannabis measures are also described in a new White House Domestic Policy Council equity report.

Biden’s recent executive order, “Further Promoting Racial Equality and Support for Underserved Areas Through the Federal Government,” requires federal agencies to create an annual public Equity Action Plan to identify impediments to program access and benefit.

The administration has frequently highlighted cannabis clemency and review actions in the context of equality and racial justice. This month’s State of the Union address preview referenced it, but Biden didn’t mention it.

Biden called his marijuana pardons “fair justice” on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Last year, the president pardoned six more people, including a few with marijuana or other drug convictions.

In December, Domestic Policy Council Director Susan Rice said the president’s expanded cannabis clemency and administrative review of cannabis scheduling have addressed the country’s “failing approach to marijuana” and contributed to the administration’s “remarkably productive year.”

In December, 29 bipartisan House and Senate legislators wrote to the president, urging him to support federal marijuana legalization during the cannabis scheduling review.

The senators didn’t ask Biden to unilaterally legalize, but it shows advocates want the White House to be more proactive in change.

The letter’s CCed HHS Secretary, Xavier Becerra, tweeted a Marijuana Moment article about the president’s administrative cannabis scheduling policy.

“We’re going to take a look at what science tells us and what the evidence tells us,” Becerra said at the latest overdose prevention event. That will guide us and hopefully the federal government.

The secretary promised to “work as swiftly as we can” on the scientific study after the president’s October announcement. He’s discussed it with the FDA’s head.

Gupta called the president’s action “historic” and claimed cannabis has “obviously” medical benefits.

Like HHS, DOJ has pledged to promptly complete the president’s separate scheduling review, which could propose rescheduling cannabis or legalizing it under federal law.

In December, the president signed the first federal cannabis reform law into law, a marijuana research bill.

People strongly favor the president’s pardon and oppose marijuana’s Schedule I classification, according to polls.

Texas Medical Marijuana Compassionate Use Program Defines PTSD

Original Source: What qualifies as PTSD for Texas medical marijuana compassionate use program

Texas lawmakers have introduced new medical cannabis measures to cover more diseases. Advocates say trauma victims may not realize they qualify.

“Our program is still extremely small, even with PTSD, and part of that is likely awareness,” said Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation CEO Nico Richardson.

Texas’s industry is developing. Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation is one of three medical marijuana shops.

Richardson says the compassionate use program is underutilized, especially for PTSD.

He stated Texas has 42,000 medical cannabis patients, 10,000 of whom are active, while Florida has 400,000 PTSD patients.

“FDA-approved drugs assist one-third of the time with anxiety, but the other two-thirds, they either don’t do much or they can make the symptoms worse,” said Texas Cannabis Clinic owner Dr. Mathew Brimberry.

Brimberry agrees. PTSD is his top medical marijuana diagnosis, but doctors occasionally misdiagnose patients with general anxiety or panic disorder.

“Patients and clinicians may think that PTSD is mainly reserved for veterans or persons that have suffered combat trauma,” Brimberry added.

Brimberry said anyone can get PTSD. It’s caused by a life-threatening occurrence.

“It’s unsettling how much pain individuals are holding onto that’s genuinely affecting them on a daily basis,” Brimberry said.

Nightmares, gloomy thoughts, avoiding reminders, and hyperawareness are common symptoms. He claimed joining the program is simple if you do.

“We serve everyone in Texas for free,” Brimberry remarked. “We will evaluate your case and determine if your supporting evidence qualifies you for the program.”

DPS lists Texas doctors who prescribe medical cannabis. The physician will enter the patient into the system if they qualify, allowing them to fill their prescription at any dispensary.

Brimberry said medical marijuana does not cure PTSD. He advised therapy after symptom management.

Brimberry has been teaching doctors and Texans about medical cannabis science. He participated in a 14-veteran observational study when the compassionate use program allowed PTSD. Medical marijuana reduced their PTSD symptoms, he added.

Medical Marijuana Stores Will Be Banned in Unincorporated Collier County

Original Source: Collier County moves to ban medical marijuana dispensaries in unincorporated areas

The Collier County Board of Commissioners passed an ordinance banning medical marijuana treatment center dispensaries in unincorporated areas.

On February 14, the board unanimously approved it.

Collier residents can only get medical marijuana from Marco Island dispensaries, neighboring counties, or delivery.

Collier County Commissioner Bill McDaniel says counties have two alternatives. Medical marijuana stores can be banned or allowed under pharmacy zoning.

Medical marijuana dispensaries cannot be 500 feet from schools or churches.

McDaniel attempted to pass a medical cannabis dispensary ordinance in Collier twice.

The county attorney referred him to the Collier County land development code that would prohibit such an ordinance. McDaniel says any alteration requires a land development code update.

Such amendments require a commissioner supermajority. Four commissioners must vote for the amendment. McDaniel indicated a majority would fail.

“I didn’t agree with my attorney’s view because I felt that the state gave me a definition that did fit under my land development code because my land development law defines pharmacies,” McDaniel said. Commercial 3 and higher zoning allows them. My county attorney said no one opposed him.”

McDaniel said ideological differences prevented him from getting four votes for a medicinal cannabis dispensary ordinance.

“So we were existing in a de facto prohibition, but never legally voted to ban [medical marijuana dispensaries], “”McDaniel”

Before the new commissioners were elected, he appealed the ban again. He doubted the new commissioners would vote against the ban.

“It has turned into a constitutionality problem with Collier County as opposed to the benefits and drawbacks of cannabis, medical cannabis, and dispensaries or not,” McDaniel said. “[The Constitution] guides my decision-making.”

This week, McDaniel voted to outlaw.

I didn’t vote for the ban because I’m against medical cannabis and dispensaries “said. I did it because we must follow the Constitution.”

Florida law prohibits counties from limiting medical marijuana dispensaries.

At the commission meeting, My Florida Green CEO Nick Garulay opposed the ban.

My Florida Green has assisted over 34,000 Floridians get medical marijuana cards, according to its website.

Garulay said 65% of medical marijuana patients stop taking pharmaceutical drugs.

“This is a natural alternative [to other treatments] that’s never harmed anyone,” he said.

He said medical marijuana improves health. He launched My Florida Green with $1.6 million of his own money.

“To alter the world and help these people with debilitating conditions,” Garulay said.

The meeting featured St. Matthew’s Home CEO Steven Brooder.

I’m here today to oppose medicinal marijuana dispensary legalization “said.

Only Collier County’s St. Matthew’s Home offers long-term residential treatment.

He said 80% of drug rehab patients use marijuana.

Sheriff Kevin Rambosk presented a letter. He backed the prohibition.

Former Naples Police officer Jon Maines supported the ban.

He worried that more drug cases would divert police from other matters.

Maines added that two officers in the northern section of the city will be needed to address a complaint about a homeless individual on drugs at the Fresh Market in Park Shore. Meanwhile, no one can help a choking baby or a heart attack or stroke victim.”

Summary of Today’s Marijuana Health News

Overall, President Joe Biden, signed an executive order praising the government’s work to change its “failed approach” to marijuana law enforcement at the federal level. The order’s focus on racial equality among federal agencies and the White House is a departure from the administration’s previous efforts to modify cannabis policy. President Obama, however, did not pass up the chance to tie the issue back to his marijuana policies.

 On the other hand, for the purpose of treating more medical conditions using cannabis, new legislation have been introduced in the Texas legislature. On the other hand, advocates point out that many persons experiencing trauma may not realize they are eligible for these services. Nico Richardson, CEO of Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation, said, “Our program is still extremely tiny, even with PTSD, and part of that is likely awareness.” This sector is still developing in Texas. One of the three dispensaries in Texas that provide access to medical marijuana is called Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation. According to Richardson, the increasingly common diagnosis of PTSD is leading to underutilization of the compassionate use program.

Finally, a ban on medical marijuana treatment center dispensing establishments in unincorporated Collier County has been approved by the county’s board of commissioners. In a board meeting held on February 14, the motion was approved without a single vote being cast against it. The only places where people in Collier County can legally acquire medical marijuana are on Marco Island, in neighboring counties, or through home delivery.



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