Zero interest loan: up to 3,000 euros paid out in record time

Zero interest loan: get a loan quickly with the Verivox Turbo Loan ©

Zero interest loan: With the Verivox turbo loan, you receive money quickly and unbureaucratically.

NThe comparison portal Verivox only offers an attractive loan from Solarisbank for a short time, which offers several great advantages: the turbo loan. This gives you a quick and easy way to get 1,000 to 3,000 euros, which you can repay in 12 to 24 months – without interest!

Turbo Loan: The Details About The Zero Interest Offer

  • Loan amount: 1,000 to 3,000 euros You have the choice
  • Duration: 12 or 24 months You have the choice
  • Effective annual interest rate: 0.0 percent with appropriate creditworthiness
  • Application: completely digital no searching and uploading of documents thanks to the digital account view no queuing at the post office thanks to identification via video chat no paperwork thanks to digital signature
  • Payout: Immediate transfer if concluded during bank opening hours Money is in your account within 24 to 72 hours
The content of this article: Sometimes things have to happen quickly: the car is broken and has to go to the workshop or the old washing machine has given up and a new one is needed while the mountain of laundry is piling up. But the money is not always easy when it is urgent. This is exactly why Solarisbank developed the turbo loan, which can be applied for quickly and paid out almost as quickly. The trick: everything works fully digitally. With the digital account view – a secure and recognized method, by the way – you give the bank a one-time look at your account via your online banking login. This gives them all the information they need to process the application. And you don’t have to collect pay slips or other evidence, possibly scan and upload them. It continues digitally: After your successful loan request, you will receive an email with the contract details. You now have to identify yourself via video chat and sign using a qualified electronic signature. It can all be done directly on the computer, tablet or smartphone – without paperwork, without standing in line at the post office. As far as the loan itself is concerned, you can choose a loan amount between 1,000 and 3,000 euros. You have a choice of 12 or 24 months for the term – depending on how quickly you can or want to repay the loan. Assuming sufficient creditworthiness, borrowers receive an unbeatably low interest rate: zero percent! It sounds too good to be true: you borrow money from a bank and pay no interest or – as with negative interest – end up paying back less than you originally borrowed. For a long time, various comparison portals and credit institutions have been advertising exactly these models: free loans or even loans that give you something free. But can that really be? The answer is: yes – with a clear but. If you want to apply for such a loan, it should be clear that the banks are primarily interested in one thing: advertising. Zero or negative interest occurs because banks or comparison portals bear the costs themselves, which they would normally pass on to the customer in the form of interest. This procedure is often advertised under the term “interest bonus”.
  • An excellent credit rating
  • Permanent residence in Germany
  • An extra account at a specific bank (not necessary for turbo credit)
In addition, the loan numbers and terms are usually precisely defined. The Verivox turbo loan with its range of 1,000 to 3,000 euros and the choice of two different terms is one of the extremely flexible offers. Other lenders set the conditions in advance: 1,000 euros and 24 months are often these. And nothing can be changed about that without jeopardizing the good interest rates. The term can be shortened by paying the remaining debt in one sum. However, the favorable conditions then usually expire. In order for the negative or zero interest rate to take effect, you must adhere to the full term. You should also bear in mind that a lot can happen within this period and that the loan amount should somehow be secured in the event of financial bottlenecks (for example due to unemployment) or you should have a plan on how you can continue to pay the installments on time.
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Schufa entry with zero interest credit

If you meet the conditions listed above, the chances are good that you will receive a loan on top terms. ? Note whether and how the application for such a loan is noted in your Schufa file: Some providers advertise that – regardless of whether the application is rejected or accepted – no entry is made with the Schufa. If an entry is made, you should be aware that other banks may be deterred from making such notes if they want a larger loan: Especially if several such applications are noted in your Schufa file, this can possibly leave lenders with a strange aftertaste . The emphasis is on “can”. It doesn’t have to be like that. You should still keep the subject in mind if you plan to ask for a loan from different platforms.

You pay for zero-interest loans with your data

Also important to know: The platforms are primarily about advertising – and therefore about your data. If you apply for a loan with negative or zero interest, you usually have to provide information about your income, the amount of your rent, current insurance and financial obligations. Often you even have to grant access or insight into your online banking. Warning: Never give your online banking access data directly to the lender. Reputable providers have developed a more secure way of looking at your current finances, in which you enter the data, but they still remain with you: the digital account view, as used by Verivox or Solarisbank. You have to decide for yourself whether you want to disclose this still very intimate data for a comparatively small loan amount. In principle, many of the loan providers then use your data to send you personalized advertising – regardless of whether the loan application was granted or rejected. If the providers do not earn you from the loan, you would of course want to find other ways afterwards. Still, a negative interest loan can be a legitimate way to get short term cash injections. You can find individual sample calculations on credit topics in Credit comparison from COMPUTER BILD.



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