Among Us: How to reverse the Skeld Map

A little easter egg has been discovered in Among Us. The Skeld is a map in Among Us and you can reverse this entire map with a few simple steps. Doing this would essentially mirror the map, so the left side would end up on the right and vice versa. Here’s how to reverse the Skeld Map in Among Us. However, do remember that this effect will only kick-in if the host has done these steps. Otherwise, the map will stay as normal. Also, this trick only works for The Skeld, other maps will not be affected in any way.

Steps to reverse the Skeld map in Among Us

  1. Go over to your settings and change the date manually to April 1st. The way to do this varies between devices.
  2. Launch Among Us and host a game. Make sure to set the map as The Skeld (or Eht Dleks as it will now be called)
  3. Get some friends to join, or even some public online players to join you.
  4. Experience the new map!
You probably already have deduced why this is a thing in Among Us. If you haven’t though, this is why. The reversed map was intended to be an April Fools joke, where Innersloth reversed The Skeld in order to surprise Among Us players. It definitely worked, but we all thought it would last only a single day. But as it turns out, if you manually change the date back to April 1st, you’ll be able to play the reversed map again!
Among Us reverse Skeld map
You may choose to head over to free-play first, in order to properly explore the map first before actually playing it. All the tasks and other map-specific features will be the same, only the map will be completely mirrored in the opposite way. This is a great opportunity to prank your friends if they are unaware that this feature exists. Also, this feature essentially brings about a new map to play in. Of course, everything else is the same, but the layout is much more refreshing. While you wait for the fourth map to be released by Innersloth, entertain yourself with this mind-bending Easter egg.
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Among Us: How to reverse the Skeld Map



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