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Listen to the Candy Givers

As mentioned, there are plenty of folks that are scattered around the entire Sneaky Sasquatch map that will offer you some candy. You’ll be able to grab one and put it in your backpack like you would with other foods. Just try not to get greedy and take more than one. There are a lot of cool rewards you can unlock when you collect certain numbers of candy. This includes masks and decorations to put around your house. A quick way to get a lot of candy is by listening to the people offering you the candy. They”ll comment on your “costume” and tell you that if you wore something specific that they would hook you up with all of the candy in their bowl. For example, if you’re wearing a disguise, someone might say “if you dressed up like a sasquatch, then that would be amazing!”. So then when you remove your disguise and show them your amazing furry charms, they’ll give you the world (of candy). So pay attention to what they say and you’ll snatching up a ton of candy in no time.

Find Some Graves

You know the many digging locations that you can find throughout the world of Sneaky Sasquatch? Those give you sacks of coins to add to your growing wealth (that’s one rich beast). There are some new digging spots available that are graves and are placed all over. Keep an eye for tombstones. When you see these then you obviously know what you need to do. Yes, you’re digging graves in public locations where people can stare at you awkwardly, but it will be worth it. That’s because each grave holds a piece of candy. Yes, that’s right, and no, these are not stale or dead. This is another easy way to collect some candy. You only get one piece, but there are many graves, and a combination of digging these and getting some from candy givers will help you rack them up. Oh, and by the way, digging all of the graves will net you a prize. There’s a person in the town (next to the diner) who will mention that there’s a scavenger hunt going on and that they will reward you.

Earn Tickets

Most of the prizes in Sneaky Sasquatch’s Haloween update just require you to have a certain amount of candy. But there are other prizes such as the Pirate Costume and Werewolf Mask that require you to have tickets and a lot of candy. To earn tickets, you’ll need to complete different tasks. All of the tasks givers will be found right next to the diner in the town. The range of activities includes helping people carve their pumpkins to digging graves and finding missing giant pumpkins. One super easy (and hilarious) ticket to get is by participating in the Sasquatch Look-a-Like contest. You’ll find yourself confused seeing two other sasquatch’s that look exactly like you on a stage. All you need to do is remove that disguise of yours and talk to the man hosting the event (It’s Halloween so people won’t think you’re a real sasquatch). After participating, you will receive a ticket. The most expensive prize that Jack has is the aforementioned Werewolf Mask. This goes for 100 candy and two tickets. So if that’s what you want to go for, then you need to make sure to have that extra ticket. Getting the 100 candy shouldn’t be too bad with bowls all over the place and pieces that can be dug up in graves. Have fun and good luck.



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