Weekend League Returns in Madden 21 Ultimate Team


For players up to the challenge, this returning way to play MUT can earn you big rewards each weekend!
Madden 21 Weekend League
Madden 21 is bringing back one of the most exciting ways to play Madden Ultimate Team, the Weekend League. And the Madden 21 Weekend League is live now!
Madden 21 Ultimate Kickoff Heroes Todd Gurley II 1 1
IN WITH THE NEW: Madden Ultimate Team is receiving tons of new content in Madden 21
Weekend League will require players to qualify, but once you’re in, you’ll have 25 games over the weekend to win as many as possible. READ MORE: Madden 21 Ultimate Team: Beginner’s Guide – How to Start your MUT journey Depending on the number of wins you get in the Weekend League across these 25 games, you’ll earn some awesome rewards including coins, trophies, packs, and player choices.
Madden 21 Weekend League Rewards Series 1 1 1
TO THE VICTOR: These are the big rewards players can earn for each Weekend League in Series 1
READ MORE: Madden 21 Ultimate Team: Best way to grind Solo XP On top of rewards for each weekend, there will be an overall monthly reward. This means getting your games done every weekend is important!
Madden 21 Weekend League Monthly Rewards September
THE BIG HAUL: For players that string together big success in Weekend League, these monthly rewards are the big ticket items
You’re able to hop right into Madden 21 Weekend League games now, so it’s time to load up! READ MORE: Madden 21 Ultimate Team: Ultimate Kickoff Begins!
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