Madden 21 Franchise Mode: 7 hidden gems to trade for – Low OVR, high speed, Penny, Isabella & more

[ad_1] There are a lot of players that can contribute hiding behind bad OVRs. These are the best ones.
If there is one thing seasoned Madden players know, its that OVR is rarely a true reflection of player quality in Franchise Mode. Over in Ultimate Team the OVR is a pretty good reflection of how a player will stack up compared to others, but in Franchise Mode it’s a different story. That means there are plenty of hidden gems out there that can make your team better without costing a fortune. These are our favorites.

Rashaad Penny, HB, Seattle Seahawks (78 OVR)

With two years at $2.94m & $3.43m left on his rookie contract, Rashaad Penny is a quality option if your team is lacking a running back.
Madden 21 Hidden Gems Rashaad Penny 1
PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS: The former first-round pick has floundered in Seattle
His 78 OVR puts him behind backs like Lamar Miller, Carlos Hyde, and Sony Michel. However, at 24 years old and with Star development he has a lot of space to grow. READ MORE: Everything you need to dominate Ultimate Team He’s also got 90 speed, 90 acceleration, and 90 juke move. His 65 catching isn’t amazing, but its good enough for checkdowns and screens.

Andy Isabella, WR, Arizona Cardinals (72 OVR)

Young, fast, and surprisingly technical, Andy Isabella is a great option for a big play wide receiver.
Madden 21 Hidden Gems Andy Isabella 1
RAPID BUT RISKY: Isabella is very fast but lacks release ability
He’s got 95 speed and 93 acceleration, along with 87 jumping. He has 82 catching, with an 81 spectacular catch. He’s not a great route runner, but that speed will see him break big plays all over the place.

Russell Okung, LT, Carolina Panthers (76 OVR)

It’s tough to find a hidden gem on the offensive line, but Russell Okung meets the criteria.
Madden 21 Hidden Gems Russell Okung 1
PASSING FANCY: Okung’s pass block makes him a good choice
The veteran left tackle has a very good 82 pass block. Better than the likes of Isaiah Wynn, Anthony Costanzo, and RTs like Demar Dotson, Mike McGlinchey, and Tristian Wirfs. READ MORE: The best playbooks to use in Madden 21 The downside is his run blocking (78) which is less than ideal, but if you are a pass-happy player that wants a bit more protection, then Okung is a nice cheap trade to make.

Derrick Nnadi, DT, Kansas City Chiefs (78 OVR)

If you are looking for a run-stuffing DT then Derrick Nnadi is a nice option.
Madden 21 Hidden Gems Derrick Nnadi
BRICK WALL: Run defense is key this year, and Nnadi can help
His stats don’t blow you away, but with 84 block shed, 87 strength, and 88 impact block he is a better space eater than his OVR suggests. READ MOER: The best QBs in Madden 21 He’s also just 24 years old with Star development, making him a good investment for years to come and a better option than Dontari Poe or Mike Daniels.

Blake Cashman, MLB, New York Jets (70 OVR)

The classic user spot, in Madden 21 you need a middle linebacker with good speed and change of direction. Blake Cashman has both.
Madden 21 Hidden Gems Cashman 1
FLASH: Speed at the heart of your defense is tough to find
His 89 speed and 90 acceleration makes him one of the fastest MLBs out there, and his 78 change of direction is the same as Bobby Wagner.

Foyesade Oluokun, ROLB, Atlanta Falcons (73 OVR)

In a similar vein to Cashman, Oluokun is a fast player with low OVR that can work really well either in a 4-3 base defense or shifted into a ILB role in a 3-4.
Madden 21 Hidden Gems Oluokun 1
FLIGHT OF FANCY: Oluokun can run down ball carriers
With 90 speed, 89 acceleration, and 86 hit power he can get around the field and cause trouble. He’s also got a solid 70 zone coverage and 88 jumping to create some extra turnovers in coverage.

Johnathan Joseph, CB, Tennessee Titans (81 OVR)

It’s hard to skim at cornerback, but Joseph is one player you can go get at a low cost.
Madden 21 Hidden Gems Johnathan Joseph 1
DO IT ALL: Joseph fits into any defensive scheme
He may be 36, but his 89 speed and 89 acceleration will keep him competitive, while he has 84 man and 82 zone coverage making him a very balanced CB. He’s only got one year at $2.47m on his contract, so he can be a good holdover until your first draft. READ MORE: Madden 21 Franchise: Things to do right away



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