New TCL Android TVs P61, P71, P81


The best TVs with Android TV

TCL P61 as the cheapest Android entry

TCL offers the P61 model series in five attractive screen sizes: The smallest model is the 43P616X1 with a screen diagonal of 109 centimeters. This also explains the logic of the type designations: They start with the screen size in inches, by multiplying by 2.54 the image size can be calculated in centimeters. This is followed by the designation of the P61 model series, the attached 6X1 has no meaning at first. Different appendices may follow for model variants with a different housing color or with different feet. The other models are 127, 140, 164 and 190 centimeters tall (50, 55, 65 and 75 inches), so there is something for every living room size. The screen resolution is consistently 3840×2160 pixels (UHD or 4K). As is common today, the affordable TCL televisions are also suitable for playing HDR films. They contain more colors and levels of brightness. Cheap screens can hardly show more than the usual HDTV colors, but adapt HDR films to the possibilities of their screens. TCL promises to give normal TV shows an HDR look with Smart HDR. You shouldn’t expect too much from this in this price range, the pictures probably just look a bit more colorful.
The TCL P81 has an extra slim metal frame.  © TCL

The TCL P81 has a particularly narrow metal frame and Dolby Vision for the best possible HDR playback.

TCL P71 almost without frame

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TCL P81 with Dolby Vision

While the model series P61 and P71 each stand on two feet attached far outwards, the P81 rests on a central foot in the form of a slender angle. Otherwise, the design with its super-slim metal bezel is similar to that of the P71. Significant technical differences are an improved intermediate image calculation for smooth and sharp movements in the image, but the screens are content with a 50 Hertz refresh rate as in the other model series. 100 Hertz is only available from the more expensive TCL C815. The second technical extra is Dolby Vision. This HDR variant is being used more and more, for example at Netflix. It can adapt the image contrast scene by scene exactly to the capabilities of the respective screen and thus maximize the image quality.

TCL P61, P71, P81: Pricing and Availability

The new Android TVs from TCL will gradually hit stores from the end of September. The 43P616X1 costs only 300 euros. The next larger 50P616X1 will be available for 350 euros, the popular 140-centimeter 55P616X1 for an attractive 400 euros. With increasing size, the price differences grow. The 65P616X1 costs 600 euros, but even the huge 75P616X1 is still in the three-digit price range at 950 euros. The prices for the P71 series start at 479 euros for the 43-inch model. The P81 will only be available from 50 inches at a price of 600 euros.



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