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In this new MOBA game Champions Legion, the developers introduce us to a new visual kind of Emblem, which is also known as pets or partners. A cute little animal will pop up to your main game screen in CL. You will obtain an egg after your very first game and then hatch it to get your partner. Basically, we got five types of partners in this game, each partner got his own different abilities. The specification helps us on the battlefield. In order to get these all partners, you have to complete specific missions Partner Road. Per mission will provide you different types of rewards, i.e. Sprite Calcite, Beads, and Partner egg. So without further ado let’s get into details with beads and partners with our Champions Legion Partner Guide.

Beads Collection

These are the Beads. Now it is the main part to understand the fully new partner mechanism. Beads can be embedded in our partner, and these Beads buffs our hero in battle. Beads are divided into three categories:
  1. Passion
  2. Hermint
  3. Revelation
If you are familiar with MOBA games then in simple words Beads=Talent Tree=Emblem.The use of the following beads as per follows:
Champions Legion Partner Guide

Passion Bead (Red)

It will increase your attacks(physical and magical both) and penetration effect. They may give buffs too.

Hermint Bead (Green)

It will help you in defense and cooldown reduction. It also gives a special buff.

Revelation Bead (Blue)

This particular beads helps you to increase your survivability (including HP Regen and Lifesteal) and movement speed. Note– Each of the three main beads contains 15 different types of sub-categories with different types of respective abilities.

Beads upgrade method

Each Bead (ability power) can be upgraded to level 7. Now partner plan is the system in which we can embed Beads in our partner. In this game, we can find three default plans i.e Physical, Magical, and Survival. You can customize any of these plans by changing beads or you just make your own plan in slot no 4.
Champions Legion Partner Guide Beads
We can obtain Sprite Calcites from events and missions, and now we can upgrade our beads. The player should pre-defined his categories(Tank, Warrior, ADR, Mage, Support) before upgrading the beads. Initially, it’s easy to obtain sprite calcites but gradually when your level increases it will be hard to obtain sprite calcites for future up-gradation. There are three different types of beads that we have mentioned earlier and we can add two different ability powers(buffs) per bead. Therefore in the partner plan we can set six different types of beads buffs(each bead contains two types of buffs).

Introducing the Pets


After dealing with ability damage to enemy heroes the pet will attack the target dealing 100 amount of base damage. CD- 15sec


In combat after your first attack, the partner will slow the specific target 30 % for 3 seconds while your ally hero will heal up for 35 health. CD- 15sec


After casting your Ultimate this pet will give you a thick shield and 10% of damage reduction for 5 seconds. CD- 25sec


When you attack the same enemy with your skills within 4 seconds the partner will heal you up for 20% of your missing health and increase your movement speed for 2 seconds. CD- 15sec


 When you attack the same enemy with your skills within 4 seconds the partner will attack the same target for the next 5 seconds which deals 50 amount of damage per attack. CD- 15sec

Champions Legion Partner Guide: Tips and Tricks

  • Try to use physical set for physical damage type heroes and magical set for mage type heroes. The partner choice completely depends up to you (which role/which lane you are playing).
  • We have to change each beads buff according to our heroes, so which buff we have used it will be provided in each particular hero’s guide.
  • This game is not only depending upon heroes or the item sets you to build, but these partners are also really helpful to win the battle tide. In case you always play with Mage/Assassin/ADR roles, but in a particular match suppose you have to play a Warrior/Tank role for your team.
  • Now you will think how can we change in-game partner abilities during matchup? Just don’t panic, you got 4 slots in partner plan selection so we suggest that, make 4 types of partner plan with 4 different types of partner. During matchmaking you don’t have to stick with your Hero-role, instead of that you can now choose that role which your team might need and now you are also flexible to choose a partner according to your Hero.

That’s all for today’s guide about Partner in Champions Legion. Do you prefer to use your pets and partners in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below! For more Mobile Gaming news and updates, join our WhatsApp groupTelegram Group, or Discord server. Also, follow us on Google NewsInstagram, and Twitter for quick updates.



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