Bud Light Seltzer Battle of the Best tournament scores and standings

Bud Light Seltzer’s “Battle of the Best” stream showdown ends today with a Warzone challenge splitting all 16 content creators into four teams of three before ending in a one-vs-one final.  Team captains are selecting the squads for the “first half” of the challenge. After wins from the first half are decided, the remaining eight players will be divided into teams of two for a two-vs-two elimination bracket. The final two teams of two will then be divided again, pitting every streamer against one another for head-to-head, one-vs-one play to determine a winner. The competition will be intense since well-known, skilled FPS gamers like Shroud and Cloakzy will face off. But with team play being a key early in the evening, any streamer could get unlucky and see an early exit. Action tonight can be caught on any of the participating streamers’ personal Twitch channels, as well as Bud Light’s official Twitch account. The festivities should begin around 6pm CT. Scores and results for this portion of the tournament will be posted here as they become finalized.



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