Mobile Legends Creator Camp: All you need to know

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang community is made up of more than just gamers. There are pro players, streamers, cosplayers, tutorial masters, and more. Moonton has officially directed resources into cultivating these members of the community. This will be done through their very own Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) Creator Camp. It is essential if you are interested in creating content about MLBB. This might be just the gameplay with tutorial videos or live-streaming. With memes, comics, cosplay, and other creative works, MLBB are more than welcome to invite you into a community of like-minded people spanning from all around the globe. If this sounds like you, then you should consider joining their Creator Camp.

Win Rewards and Perks in the MLBB Creator Camp

For sure, joining this Camp will get you some amazing benefits. By publishing new content each week, you can win Diamonds, Limited Skins, Borders and Advanced Server permission as well. You can also have your content featured on the official MLBB Pages on Instagram, Facebook, and the Creator Camp Discord server. For exceptional content creators, there are opportunities to receive a monthly diamond salary, an in-game profile verified certification and other rewards.
Mobile Legends Creator Camp
Each week, MCC will give a different mission for creators to create different kinds of content. The content will be evaluated by style, creativity, as well as viewership. For content meeting Top Work, the creator will be awarded 500 Diamonds. For content that is meeting the standards of Excellent Work, 150 Diamonds are rewarded. As a result of submitting your first creative work, you can win 50 extra Diamonds. If you are in the first 100 who submit their work each week, you will also win 50 Diamonds. This is regardless of the work awarded. The best part of the awards is that there is no maximum quota, so everyone can stand an equal chance to win Diamonds, which is a result of their work.

How to join the MLBB Creator Camp

To join MCC, there are only 3 requirements, which are to be a loyal MLBB gamer, have an existing channel or account that posts MLBB content either on Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram, and have a love to share original works of creativity with others. If you suit these requirements, you can head over to their Discord server here.

Creator Academy: Learn the technical aspects

If you are interested in joining the MCC but have little or no prior experience in creating content, the Creator Academy is available for you. It can help you to learn the technical aspects of being a content creator. You will have the chance to learn from experts in video editing, making thumbnails, and creating the best MLBB content you can make.
Mobile Legends Creator Camp
Although it might not be for everyone, MCC is the perfect opportunity to jump-start your path into being a content creator while playing a game you love – MLBB! With some hard work and a little luck, you may end up liking it and turning it into a hobby. Whatever the case, take this as a sign to try your hand and do your best!
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Mobile Legends Creator Camp: All you need to know



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