Medion LifeTab P10912 in the test: Aldi tablet with keyboard and pen

Medion LifeTab P10912: Test © COMPUTER BILD

Medion LifeTab P10912 in the test: the perfect notebook replacement?

The Aldi tablet is not a full-fledged notebook replacement, but the Medion LifeTab P10912 can be used. The price of 289 euros is quite cheap for the performance offered. Comparable LTE tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 cost well over 300 euros without a keyboard and pen.


  • High contrast display with acceptable brightness
  • Long battery life
  • LTE built in
  • Expandable memory
  • Keyboard and pen in one package


  • Somewhat slow pace of work
  • Display with poor color fidelity
  • No biometric locks

Test rating from the editors


VMany users mainly use their tablet for surfing, shopping and watching movies. With the Medion Lifetab P10912, which will be available in all Aldi branches from July 1, 2021, it should be no different. But the discounter also includes a keyboard cover and a pen. Is it even suitable as a notebook? COMPUTER BILD had the Aldi tablet Lifetab P10912 in the test.

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Lifetab P10912 put to the test: Popular 10-inch format

More than 75 percent of all tablet buyers today choose a 10-inch model – the 10-inch Lifetab P10912 fits perfectly into the loot scheme. The technology is in an inconspicuous plastic housing without accents, so it’s not a visual treat. This also applies to the display.
Medion LifeTab P10912: Test © Medion

Scope of delivery: The Medion LifeTab P10912 is available from Aldi together with a pen including two tips, keyboard cover, power supply unit and USB-C charging cable.

It does show content with acceptable brightness, so that users can see something on the screen even outside in a lot of sun. The contrast is also okay. When it comes to color accuracy, however, the Aldi tablet is not so precise. That doesn’t interfere with surfing and watching movies, but it does with photo and video editing.

No rush!

But that is not the strength of the Medion anyway: Elaborate image processing with performance-hungry apps such as Photoshop is a challenge for the tablet, so patience is required here. However, the performance is sufficient for simple Internet and office tasks such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint. The included keyboard and touchpad help immensely.
You can work much better with it than with a touchscreen – even if the keys are a bit wobbly and sometimes close together. Good for that: The keyboard has a support for the display, the tablet can be set up like a notebook. And: when folded, the display is protected during transport thanks to the cover.

With LTE, poor cameras

If the owner takes it out of the backpack while on the move, the Lifetab goes online via LTE – provided that there is a SIM card and network coverage. And the battery lasts almost eight hours without a socket even with intensive use. The memory is scarce at 64 gigabytes, but can be expanded by 1 terabyte using a microSDXC card. Nothing can be changed about the mediocre cameras.

Built-in display

10.1 “(1920 x 1200 pixels)

Dimensions / weight

246.0 x 171 x 8.8 mm / 495 grams

How good is the screen?

Maximum brightness

acceptable (388 cd / m²), maximum brightness manually adjustable

Contrast / Color fidelity / simple color space (sRGB) / extended color space (DCI-P3)

high (1530: 1) / very imprecise (90.1%) / low (93.5%) / too low (69.4%)

Usable display area (pixel density)

21.7 x 13.5 cm (226 ppi)

Display utilization of the front surface

somewhat low (69%)

How good are the battery life and charging time?

Battery: runtime very intensive use / capacity

long (7:40 hours) / 6000 mAh

Charging via cable: duration (hrs: mins) / Charging after 15/30/60 minutes (maximum output)

04:20 hrs / 6% / 12% / 24% (11 watts)

Inductive charging (max. Power, other devices can also be charged)

not possible

What is the pace of work?

Working speed

very slow (18%)

Operating speed

a little slow (30%)

Operating delay on the display

low (87.5 ms)

How good are the cameras?

Main camera: photo quality daylight / little light (technical measurement)

good (2.4) / a bit bad (2.7)

Main camera: release time / Wide angle (FOV) / Zoom (FOV) / Resolution: standard / maximum

satisfactory (158 ms / 70 ° / 19.7 ° / 8 megapixels / 8 megapixels)

Main camera Max. Resolution / Max. Frame rate / Time limit for slomo / Video zoom

very bad (1280×720 pixels (30 FPS) / 30 FPS (1280×720 pixels) / no slomo possible / Yes)

Front camera (technical measurement): daylight


Front camera: wide angle (FOV) / Resolution: standard / maximum

good (64 ° / 5 megapixels / 5 megapixels)

How good are the equipment and quality?

Internal memory: built-in / expandable

64 GB / 1024 GB (micro SDXC)

Biometric securities


Scratch resistance: housing / Screen / softest point

too low (hardness: 2) / high (hardness: 7) / too low (hardness: 2)

Dual SIM device


Supported cellular standard

4G LTE (up to 150 Mbps)

WLAN standard

ac (Wifi5) with up to 433 Mbps (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz)

Wireless: Bluetooth / NFC / screen sharing

Bluetooth 5 / not available / not supported

By cable: headphone connection (can be used when charging) / USB / screen sharing

available (yes) / usable as data storage / not supported


Fast charging power supply, USB charging cable

Medion LifeTab P10912 in the test: conclusion




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