Medion X16566 (MD 32066): Ultra HD Smart TV in the practical test

With its screen size of 164 centimeters or 65 inches, the new Medion X16566 (MD 32066) is quite a chunk – and that’s a good thing. Because the large screen also promises great pleasure in sports broadcasts, films and documentaries. The Medion not only proliferates with its huge screen, the long list of equipment is also impressive. In a practical test, COMPUTER BILD has tried everything that offers, how good the Medion’s picture and sound quality are and whether operation works without any problems.

The best TVs: 65 inches (165 cm)

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Full list: the best TVs: 65 inches (165 cm)

That’s how big the Medion X16566 is

The Medion X16566 is clearly a television for living rooms that are not too small: the outside of the 65-inch television is 1.46 meters wide and 85 centimeters high, including the two slim metal feet, it is 91 centimeters high. The floor space must be at least 1.30 meters wide and 25 centimeters deep. Wall mounting is also possible, at 20 kilos the Medion is not too heavy. Thanks to four recessed threads in the rear wall according to the VESA standard (hole spacing 400×200 millimeters), common standard wall brackets fit. The distance to the audience does not have to be huge: If the program is mainly HD broadcasts and streams or discs, a viewing distance of three to five meters is perfect. Medion uses an LCD screen with Ultra HD resolution in the X16566. This corresponds to 3840×2160 pixels and thus four times as much as Full HD (1920×1080). Regardless of the resolution of the current program, the fine picture grid ensures a clear picture impression without the mosquito screen effect that such large screens with Full HD resolution show. LEDs are used as the light source for the screen. Medion arranges them behind the screen and not in the frame. The television is comparatively thick at 8.5 centimeters, but the light distribution on the other hand is quite even and without annoying leaks at the edges.
The remote control of the Medion X16566 is pleasing with its large, clearly labeled buttons.
The remote control of the Medion X16566 is pleasing with its large, clearly labeled buttons.

The best picture settings for Medion X16566

The image quality of the Medion X16566 is impressive – if users adjust some settings in the menu. Because in the factory settings, TV pictures look a bit hard and over-sharpened. The Medion showed more natural images after switching from standard mode to Picture mode cinema. Further down in the menu, it is recommended to use the Sharpness to turn down to values ​​around 10 and into the Advanced settings the option Dynamic contrast switch off. With these settings, the color temperature of the test device was exactly right; color deviations from the target values ​​were in the acceptable range. We liked the good contrast with a really deep black, only when viewed from the side did the contrast and colors decrease. The maximum brightness of almost 230 candelas per square meter is sufficient for typical living room situations as long as no sunlight shines directly on it.
The image of the Medion X16566 can be easily optimized in the settings menu.
The image of the Medion X16566 can be easily optimized in the settings menu.

Medion X16566 in the test: That bring HDR and Dolby Vision

The Medion X16566 can play HDR films, as they are more and more common on Netflix, for example. HDR films contain a broader color spectrum and a higher contrast range. Only very expensive televisions can reproduce both in their entirety; affordable models reduce colors and contrast to the capabilities of their screens. So does the Medion, which doesn’t look a bit more contrasty or more colorful with HDR films. The adaptation to the screen works well, he prefers to reproduce HDR films a bit lighter than let shady areas drown. The Dolby Vision process helps him to dynamically adapt the contrast to every film situation – this is very acceptable for the low price range.
Pressing the home button of the Medion remote control leads to the functionality of the X16566 including the recording function.
Pressing the home button of the Medion remote control leads to the functionality of the X16566 including the recording function.

Media libraries, Amazon Prime and Netflix at the push of a button

No streaming stick or the like is required for Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, the Medion X16566 brings both streaming offers to its screen as a smart TV with on-board tools. This even works at a rapid pace, both providers also have more and more films and series in UHD resolution and HDR on offer – at Amazon at the normal monthly price, at Netflix in the most expensive subscription of almost 18 euros per month. The media libraries of the TV channels are also available, and the easiest way to access them is with the HbbTV function: Simply set the desired TV channel and then press the red button on the remote control, and a selection menu with teletext and media library access appears. Depending on the broadcaster, certain programs can be restarted via it – not every television with HbbTV can do that. The Medion does not offer much more streaming offers, for example there is no Disney + or DAZN.
The back of the Medion X16566 is richly equipped with connections.
The back of the Medion X16566 is richly equipped with connections.

Plenty of connections and recording functions

With four HDMI inputs, the Medion X16566 offers plenty of connection options for game consoles, Blu-ray players and more, older devices have an AV input and a VGA input, which becomes a YUV input via an adapter. Photos and videos can be played back via two USB ports, and a USB hard drive can be used for TV recordings. Programming takes place via the program preview – simply and clearly. While most of the connections are located on the back, the two USB connections and one of the HDMI inputs are reasonably accessible on the side. A game console, for example, can be quickly plugged in and unplugged when required. Speaking of gaming: The Medion can be switched to a game mode that reduces the image delay (latency) to an acceptable 20 milliseconds. On the side there is also a practical headphone connection, to which a stereo system can be connected if necessary. The built-in speakers of the Medion X16566 are okay. Beyond a volume setting of 80 (out of 100) they sound increasingly washed out and garish, but have long since reached a sufficient level. Tip: This is where the lead Sound mode movie to the most pleasant sound.

The operation is learned quickly

The TV reception is possible as usual via cable connection, satellite and antenna. A CI + slot is provided for decrypting private HD channels. Good: After the uncomplicated initial installation, the channels are sorted in a usable order at the factory. If you prefer a different order, it is best to sort it in a quickly created favorites list. Thanks to the clear remote control, operation is problem-free, the logic of the menu control becomes apparent after a little practice.

Medion X16566 (MD 32066): test result, price and availability

The Medion X16566 offers an opulent screen size and acceptable picture and sound quality for its money. In addition, there is considerable equipment: media libraries and the two most popular streaming providers can be reached with on-board resources, the connection panel is well equipped, the recording function is not a matter of course on cheap televisions. Cheaper TV means here: Aldi Süd sells the Medion Ultra HD Smart TV for 599 euros, sales start on July 1, 2021.



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