League’s official website taken over by the Ruination, puzzle seemingly available

The Ruination draws ever closer, with all of Runeterra set to succumb to the dark forces of Viego. It seems to have even taken over League’s website, requiring players to solve a new puzzle that explores the mysteries of what could possibly be the fall of Runeterra’s most famous locations and characters. This morning, the League main website had seemingly been shrouded by the mist of the Ruination, a year-long event taking place within the game that brought an old evil to light while exploring how the world of Runeterra may be changed forever. An ARG puzzle has arrived with the Ruination-affected website, and will likely require the combined forces of League’s community to solve. ARGs, or alternate reality games, are internet puzzles that require careful consideration of coding mechanics, research, and patience to solve. While normal ARGs are often rabbit holes that send participants scouring for information over long periods of time, ARGs created by developers for their games often lead players to discover more about the game’s lore uniquely. When one piece of the puzzle is discovered, normally through collaborative effort of those taking part, progress is often shared so that others may help complete the puzzle—or get stumped further. Considering this ARG is centered around the Ruination, as well as taking into account the various teasers of League’s various locations succumbing to the Mist, it’s likely that this puzzle will help us learn more about this evil overtaking the game—possibly even introducing us to new characters and events along the way. Various content creators have already begun to stream their progress with the puzzle, though there seems to be much progress yet to be made. While the outcome of League’s first ARG has yet to be reached, the impact of the Ruination on the game seems to be growing more and more prevalent. And like League’s website, these secrets continue to be shrouded in the Mist.

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