Medion Erazer X81035, X81200: Gaming keyboard and mouse in the practical test

Medion Erazer X81035, X81200: Gaming keyboard and mouse in a practical test © Aldi,

Medion Erazer X81035, Medion Erazer X81200: decent accessories for gamers? COMPUTER BILD had the gaming keyboard and gaming mouse available from Aldi in a practical test.

ONo match can be won without sensible accessories. That’s why gamers need a decent gaming keyboard and mouse. The discounter Aldi Nord will be offering the Medion Erazer X81035 (MD 88166) a gaming mouse and the Medion Erazer X81200 (MD 88200) a gaming keyboard as a set in its online shop (Aldi supplies) from March 1. The price: a hammer! But is it worth buying? COMPUTER BILD had the two devices in a practical test.

The best gaming muse

Medion Erazer X81035 in the test: gaming mouse

Surprise: The Medion Erazer X81035 gaming mouse is a wireless model; the required radio receiver is included in the package. It can be stowed on the underside of the mouse when not in use. Good: The Medion Erazer X81035 does not work with batteries, the mouse has a battery that can be charged via the USB-C port on the front (USB-C / USB type A cable in the package). Also great: while the loading process, players can continue to play.
The optical sensor for recording mouse movements comes from Pixar (PMW 3389). If necessary, it scans the table surface with up to 16,000 dpi. Hardly any gamer needs such a high scanning depth, as a rule 4,000 dpi is completely sufficient. The scanning depth can also be set comfortably with two buttons below the scroll wheel. The mouse, which was pleasantly light at 93 grams (without cable), transmitted mouse movements to the PC without any noticeable time delays despite the wireless connection. However, it transmits in the heavily frequented 2.4 gigahertz range. However, there were no noticeable problems in the test. Also good: It is neither too big nor too small, all buttons, including the thumb buttons on the left, are easily accessible. Too bad: it is not suitable for left-handers. Nice gimmick: the mouse can be illuminated if desired thanks to built-in RGB LEDs. All in all, the Medion Erazer X81035 is a really good gaming mouse that allows games to be played via cable or wireless connection.

The best gaming keyboards

Medion Erazer X81200 in the test: gaming keyboard

With the Erazer X81200, Aldi also has a gaming keyboard on offer. Manufacturer Medion praises the Erazer X81200 as “semi-mechanical”. That means: The keyboard should feel like playing with a mechanical keyboard when playing. However, it does not have real mechanical switches, but relies on inexpensive rubber dome technology. In the test, it offered a decent pressure point and the typical clicking sound of mechanical keyboards. But the testers missed a correct, exact stop, as with mechanical keys. The pressure point at the very end was also quite soft, there was a lack of precision. But gamers cannot expect that from a cheap keyboard either. And with the Erazer X81200, “normal people” get a neatly finished keyboard, the keys of which can be illuminated in seven colors thanks to RGB LEDs. The keyboard was quite comfortable to use in the test. If there was something to complain about, it was due to the palm rest that was too narrow. Useful: The keyboard has four keys on which command sequences (macros) can be saved in games. For example, processes such as “Take ten steps forward, then duck and then fire ten shots.” Thanks to a “REC” button, players can also start such macro recording while playing. The X81200 also has the M1, M2 and M3 keys on which profiles, settings and key assignments for three games can be saved. The F-keys are also occupied on a second level with functions for controlling the playback of music and videos, for example play, stop, next track, etc.

Medion Erazer X81035, X81200 in the test: conclusion

Aldi Nord estimates the Medion Erazer X81035 and Medion Erazer X81200 gaming keyboard and mouse set at 59.99 euros. Sure, the input devices are not for professionals. But all the gamblers who are looking for an inexpensive keyboard-mouse combo can strike without hesitation. Because for just under 60 euros, gamers can get well-made devices with decent equipment at a more than fair price.



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