Trojan alert on Creality’s 3D printer software

The file offered for download for the Ender 5 by the 3D printer manufacturer Creality Ender-5 SD Card When unpacking, copying or moving on a Windows PC, the Windows anti-virus program sounds an alarm. The file contains the software package that is normally supplied with the device on an SD card. If you buy the Crealtity Ender 5 used without an SD card or want to update your printer, you should be careful.
Be careful when downloading 3D printer software: Microsoft Defender reports a Trojan horse attack.
After the last Windows update, the Trojan Occamy.C9C found that Microsoft classifies as serious.
As soon as you want to open, copy or move the archive, Microsoft Defender reports the Occamy Trojan.
Before the update, the Trojan Conteban have hidden in the archive.
Which virus is reported seems to depend on the Windows update.
Make has asked Creality to comment on whether it is a real or a false positive. The answer is still pending. Therefore caution is indicated.
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