Medion Akoya S15449 in the test: With Windows 11 and Core i7 CPU

Christmas is approaching in great strides – a new notebook is noted on many wish lists. From November 4, 2021, the Medion Akoya S15449 in the equipment variant MD63945 will be available in all Aldi branches nationwide. The MD63845 version of the Medion Akoya S15449 was already available from Aldi at the end of August 2021. But now it’s 100 euros cheaper. Has the manufacturer saved anywhere? What do customers get in return? COMPUTER BILD had the Medion Akoya S15449 (MD63945) in a practical test.

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Medion Akoya S15449 in the test: 15.6-inch laptop

The current version of the Medion Akoya S15449 is a full-fledged 15.6-inch notebook and thus hits the golden mean: It is not too puny like a 13-inch laptop that you don’t want to work with for a whole working day, but not too bulky like a 17-inch device that you don’t want to drag into the office every day. A shame: Despite the comparatively large construction, the Medion does not have a separate number pad. Only Excel workers who have to perpetuate columns of numbers in tables every day are likely to miss this.
Medion Akoya S15449 (MD63945) in the test
The Aldi Notebook Medion Akoya S15449 (MD63945) weighs 1,823 grams, which is okay for a 15.6 inch laptop.
The keyboard could offer a more precise, harder stroke. Texts could still be typed quite comfortably in the test. The buttons are also spaced enough so that you do not accidentally press two buttons. Great: The keyboard can be illuminated if desired, ideal for use in gloomy rooms. The touchpad should be a bit bigger – but that’s complaining on a high level, in the test it implemented inputs quickly and precisely.
Medion Akoya S15449 (MD63945) in the test
Great: The keyboard of the Medion Akoya S15449 (MD63945) can be illuminated.
Also good: The display is anti-glare and therefore does not annoy with reflections from windows or objects in the back or from ceiling lights. The 15.6-inch screen shows content such as websites, documents, photos and videos in full HD with 1920×1080 pixels on its almost 40 centimeter screen diagonal. Disadvantage: The anti-reflective coating means that the colors don’t look so crisp, rather a bit pale. Good for it: Thanks to IPS technology, the display has stable viewing angles, the image changes quite jaggedly, there are no ugly streaks in fast film scenes.
Medion Akoya S15449 (MD63945) in the test
The display bezels are so narrow that Medion had to place the webcam at the bottom of the screen.
Aldi notebook Medion Akoya S15449 in the test
If the display is tilted too far back, the webcam attached to the lower edge of the screen involuntarily delivers weird recordings during video calls.
Aldi notebook Medion Akoya S15449 in the test
The touchpad could be bigger, but it works precisely and quickly.
Nevertheless, it is logical that Office programs do not bother the CPU at all, and it also handled power-hungry photo and video editing very quickly in the test. Only when gaming does it get tight, because the onboard GPU Iris XE from Intel only manages simple games like “The Sims” in full HD resolution smoothly. Newer titles only jerk across the display in slow motion.
Medion Akoya S15449 (MD63945) in the test
On the right, the Medion Akoya S15449 (MD63945) has a memory card reader, a USB type A port (version 2.0) and a headset socket.
After all, the Aldi notebook goes online via fast WLAN-ax (Wifi 6), and Bluetooth version 5.0 is available for synchronization with smartwatches. In addition, it scores with a comparatively large number of connections: It has an HDMI connection for separate monitors, and the USB socket, thanks to Displayport technology, also handles the connection of screens, but also external SSDs. In addition, there are two USB 3.2 Type A sockets for printers and hard drives, a USB 2.0 connection for a separate mouse and a headset socket. The Medion also has a memory card reader.
Medion Akoya S15449 (MD63945) in the test
On the left is the power connection, an HDMI port, two USB 3.2 type A sockets and a USB type C port with Displayport function.
There is nothing to complain about with the equipment of the Medion Akoya S15449 (MD63945), the performance offered by the device in the practical test is also good. The discounter estimates 799 euros for the new Aldi notebook. In view of the ever increasing prices for current technology, this is more than fair. A comparable alternative to Windows 11? The price comparison did not list at the time of the test. Only significantly more expensive. For example, the Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 15 with Windows 11 for 1,199 euros.



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