Aldi vacuum robot Medion MD 18861: test, info, specs, price, buy

You may be familiar with the name Medion from Aldi: at the discounter you can always find technology products from this manufacturer. He now has a bargain ready for smart home friends. The Medion MD 18861 is not the company’s first intelligent vacuum cleaner, but it should shine with particularly clever technology and smart functions. In the test, COMPUTER BILD reveals whether the cheap device is worth the money. Below you can find out when you can strike at Aldi.

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The functions of the Medion MD 18861

The top vacuum cleaner from Medion has a lot to offer. These are the most important properties and features at a glance:
  • Intelligent room detection: The vacuum cleaner’s laser navigation system measures the apartment precisely, cleans it lane by lane and uses various sensors to orient itself in the room. Including fall sensors that reliably prevent the vacuum cleaner from tumbling down the stairs to the ground floor, for example.
  • Start and operation work conveniently via app on mobile phone or tablet and by pressing the buttons on the device. Medion does not include a remote control.
  • Running time: This is up to two hours. To recharge the empty battery you have to take a break of around 3.5 hours from cleaning.
  • Automatic functions: When the battery is empty, the device automatically returns to the charging station and continues cleaning after charging. Cleaning plans can be created in the app, for example for cleaning in your absence.
  • Volume: The noise level when vacuuming carpets is around 65 decibels, as loud as a television set at room volume.
  • Capacity: The dirt ends up in a bagless dust container with a generous 420 milliliters volume. There is no built-in HEPA filter (particulate filter) for allergy sufferers.
  • Measures and weight: The teat measures 9 centimeters in height and 34.6 centimeters in diameter. He weighs 3.25 kilograms. With its low height, the device fits under many beds, sofas and chests of drawers.
  • Scope of delivery: Robot vacuum cleaner, charging station, power supply unit, side brushes (both sides), filters, cleaning tools, operating instructions (in German)
Laser navigation of the Medion MD 18861
The laser navigation is in the front of the device and not on top of a “lookout tower” – this allows a flat design. The MD 18861 lacks the all-round view of other vacuum cleaners.

The Medion device sucks so thoroughly

In addition to a main brush and two side brushes, the robot vacuum cleaner has a powerful motor that is supposed to thoroughly clean away heavy dirt. After a few trial rounds to get to know the premises, the testers scattered 100 grams of dirt, consisting of 70 grams of cat litter, 20 grams of muesli and 10 grams of wood shavings. The MD 18861 now had to repeatedly show how much of the mixture of PVC and carpeting it collects. The suction power worked well in the test: With a considerable 82.3 grams, the device picked up more than three quarters of the dirt. That worked better on the smooth floor covering than on the carpet. The brush only combed it cursory, but still tickled some of the dirt out of the fibers. Less was left on surfaces than around table legs, where the smart helper left a lot behind. He was also not very conscientious about the edges and corners of the rooms. From 20 corn kernels laid out, he only collected five – a mixed achievement! There is no built-in wiping function that cleans parquet and tiles with a damp cloth.

The Medion robot cleans so smart

Usually not available in this price range, but definitely with the Medion MD 18861: laser navigation. With the help of light pulses, the device scans its surroundings and creates a map of the rooms to be processed in real time. That was done quickly in the test and represented the test room well. During the cleaning, the robot vacuum refines the floor plan. The wild back and forth according to the chaos principle is obsolete. Users can intervene with the associated free app “MedionRoboter MD18861”. For example, you can selectively clean certain areas (“spot cleaning”) and exclude others. The app looked a bit old-fashioned to the testers, but it offered all the necessary functions. A cleaning schedule was also quickly set up in the calendar so that the vacuum cleaner starts automatically at set cleaning times. This also works via voice control: If the Skill Medion Robot MD18861 is installed on the mobile phone via the Alexa app, the robot listens to voice commands that you direct to an echo loudspeaker, for example. Examples are: “Alexa, tell Medion Smart to start vacuuming”, “Alexa, tell Medion Smart, recharge” or “Alexa, tell Medion Smart to clean the kitchen”. The vacuum cleaner does not know the Google Assistant.
Medion MD 18861 sucks an apartment
The Medion MD 18861 orients itself by laser and sensors in the room and cleans lane by lane according to plan. It’s faster than randomly cleaning.

Medion MD 18861: test result and price

Many people know Medion vacuum cleaners as bargain goods from Aldi – and that’s where the MD 18861 is now available again. With laser navigation and app control, it has smart technology and functions for which the competition demands more. But it also offers more! The Medion device sucks too quickly and does not show enough perseverance. Without the wiping function and object recognition, it is only sufficient for a “satisfactory” (test grade: 3.1).
  • Decent suction power
  • Laser navigation
  • Little stamina
  • Careless about corners and edges
The smart vacuum cleaner costs 299 euros and is available in the online shops of Medion and Amazon currently out of print. However, it will be on sale directly on site at Aldi Nord from November 25, 2021 – and goes over the counter there for a mere 199 euros.



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