Learn to use the face cards to their fullest and your advantage

Do you like card games? Have you ever thought about face cards? Have you realized that the last time you held a King, Queen, or Jack in your hand, you didn’t realize whose faces were staring back at you? Yes, these face cards are also known as court cards and they have a valid history proven by many people in the past.

In the deck of 52 cards, Jack, Queen, and King are known as face cards. They are called face cards because they symbolize a member of the royal court. They are also referred to as paint since the King, queen, and jack are typically the most ornate cards.

The face cards or royalty cards are called based on their ranks such as Jack, Queen, and King.

Beneficial ways of using face cards 

  • Use of face cards on the flip

You can use face cards on the flop. When someone uses face cards as their aggressive preflop action, they are usually in a good situation. This preflop aggressor usually has more cards or you can say big cards as compared to the preflop caller. If you are a preflop caller, you will have more mid-range holdings and you must prefer textures without cards.

If your face card appears in the flop, then it is a good indication for the last player who made an aggressive preflop. As he has made an aggressive preflop, other players can judge or analyze that he has higher value cards.

  • Use of Face Card when there is a Turn or River in Hold’em

When you have Face cards on the turn and river, they are called overcards to the rest of the board because overcards in the game are considered good for bluffing. These are also known as scare cards. But the effectiveness of these face cards depends on the real or accurate situation. Thus, you must know to be a good observer or take the good judgment of the game.

If the turn or river in hold’em shows a face card, you can take this opportunity to bluff but it depends on your skills and your opponent’s level of success of bluff.

  • Use of face cards as a hole card

King, Queen, and Jack are known as the face cards. These face cards have the highest value. But aces have a higher value as compared to face cards but if you have face cards you can use them as your hole card. You can use these cards to bet but your bet will be dependent on the other hole card you have.

  • You can Discard the Face Cards

Generally, we all know that face cards ( King, Queen, and Jack) are of higher utility. When you have to form hands in Rummy, it contributes to your loss instead of winning. Thus, you can wait to form a valid or correct sequence or set with face cards, otherwise, as the game begins and progresses. It will form a burden with such a sequence and if your opponent decides to declare or show, then you can end up losing with a bigger amount. Thus, it is recommended to discard your cards as soon as possible.

  • You can make Pure Sequences

We know that these face cards don’t have any utility. But face cards can also contribute to your victory. To use these cards efficiently, you can either make pure sequences or natural sequences that will leverage your stance. 

Example of natural sequences: King, Queen, Jack, 10 of diamonds or ace. 2,3 and 4 of clubs.

  • You can follow the Queen

In a 7 card stud poker game, the wild card is designated to be the next card to be exposed after the Queen is flipped. But if no queens are flipped, then there will be no wild cards that can be handed.

  • You can Utilize the Ace Card

We are aware of the power of ace cards as ace cards of higher value than face cards.

The ace card is a versatile face card. It can also be paired with low number cards such as ace, 2, 3, and 4 to form a sequence or it can be paired with face cards to make another valid and pure sequence. If the selected card is joker, then all the aces of every suit become jokers and can be utilized. This is one of the beneficial uses of face cards with the help of ace.


After knowing most of the beneficial use of face cards, you must be surprised but yes these faces are very helpful in the success of card games. You can’t neglect these face cards. Also, each face card is important in itself. It is not required for you that you have all three cards with you.



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