Lost in Blue Beginners Guide and Tips

Have you ever played a sandbox-style mobile game? Then, Lost in Blue should be the title. Within a short period of time, the game gained widespread popularity throughout the gaming world. The game can primarily be introduced as a continuation of Konami’s Survival children series. This game was created to simulate the ultimate survival experience on a deserted island. No doubt, the PVE and PVP elements are unique to this game! Above all, the premium graphics are simply Outstanding. If you’re new to this amazing game, continue reading, as our Lost in Blue beginners guide contains numerous tips and tricks to help you stay one step ahead of the competition! So, are you ready to survive or cease to exist?

Gameplay Overview

After surviving a plane crash, players must gather resources to craft weapons and tools and construct facilities and houses that can withstand the island’s elements. Indeed, it is necessary! Not only that, but you must constantly upgrade your character to stay alive and fully experience the excitement that mother nature has to offer. To survive on this mysterious deserted island, players must form friendships with other players and gather the island’s limited resources.
Lost in Blue overview
Lost in Blue: gameplay overview
We’re friends, aren’t we? This game’s PVE component is unlike any other. It’s truly remarkable. Besides this, one should focus on creating his own unique camp complete with defensive features such as sensory towers and arrow towers, survival features such as vegetable patches for planting seeds and growing food, or workbenches for crafting tools for hunting or hunting-gathering.

Lost in Blue Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Keep on collecting the resources

Go with the flow! Keep collecting as many resources as possible. You’ll need them to construct and upgrade your base, armor, and other things. The storyline, graphics are near to perfection. Follow the storyline and at the same time, focus on gathering resources first and storing them next (in storage creates). But how to build a storage crate? For that:
  1. Click the side menu
  2. Select Facility and choose Storage Crates.
  3. Make sure you have enough planks to build enough storage crates.

2. Complete Area Challenge

area challenge
Area Challenge
When players unlock the maps for each area, they also gain access to the area’s challenge quests. Gear cultivation, combat ability, production and crafting, event gameplay, and overall cultivation are all included in area challenge quests. Area Challenge quests reward players with a large number of crystals. Therefore, get ready to go.

3. Companions are your true friends

A player may bring a maximum of one companion. Each companion follows his or her own behavioral logic. Additionally, the player can configure this in the settings. Most importantly, each companion possesses Endurance. And each time he/she attacks or uses skills, the value of endurance will be depleted.
Companion detail
Companion detail
When the counter reaches 0, your companion becomes tired. Under this condition, the companion’s damage dealt decreases significantly, and his/her HP (health) slowly depletes. By increasing your companion’s level or promoting the Companion Star, you can unlock additional companion skills.

4. Explore Gear Cultivation section

Gear cultivation
Gear Cultivation
Players are free to do any of the following things under the Gear Cultivation section.
  1. Gear upgrade: Three tiers of gear upgrade are available. The first is a Standard tier, followed by an Excellent and finally a Perfect Upgrade (The higher the tier, the higher the attribute boosts). Players should upgrade their gears to increase their star count (maximum of 5 stars). The more stars, the more powerful the weapon’s stats.
  2. Gear modify
  3. Gear repair: Players must use the designated materials to repair gears with 0% durability in order to restore them to 100% durability.

5. Speed up your work

In the early game, unlock Companions Is hard or not that easy. Thus, the key to success is to play the game regularly and keep going with the flow. Soon you will unlock your companion feature. Once a player gets access to the companions from that moment, he/she is the Real Hero. Use the Automation or Autoplay button in the bottom corner and your character will autorun/grab/beat and do whatever you will think of. And your companion will assist your characters to destroy the bad monsters for you. Sounds amazing right? Make sure you also configure your Companion Settings wisely to make sure your companion can do more work and not just only killing monsters.

6. Don’t forget about hunger and thirst

It’s a must! If you’ve been playing for a while, your character may become hungry or thirsty. Take care if this occurs. It is far easier to perish from hunger and thirst than it is to perish at the hands of the first zombies and enemies you encounter. You can always check your hunger and thirst levels by looking at the stomach and raindrop icons (just below your Health bar).
hunger and thirst level
Hunger and Thirst level
You must develop new sustainable methods for producing your own food and water. As a result, the campfire and rain collector facilities should be the first ones you build.

7. Explore the map and dominate bad zombies

Once you click on the Map icon, you will see 3 options – World, Region, Scene. Let us break down these things for you to make the work easier for you. The scene is the current map i.e. the map of your area. By clicking on World Map, players will see a collection of different regions on their screens. If you are a beginner, sadly only one (beach region) is unlocked yet. But no worries, as you progress further, you will get access to other regions.
Lost in Blue map
Lost in Blue map
Now comes the Region option, which is self-explanatory by its name. We recommend first collecting resources from the Beach itself, Store, and then looking forward to Swamp and other areas. It is 101% possible that you may find some unknown Friends there, you can either greet them by using animated actions (click the emoji icon to do so) or run behind them.

8. Keep strengthening your facilities

Facilities are structures that provide several benefits. Players are free to deploy unlocked Facilities on their base. Never leave your Facilities idle. Just keep filling them with requests every time. A pro Player knows very well that an idle facility is equivalent to no facility on the base.
Lost in Blue facility
Lost in Blue facility
Thus, as soon as you gather enough sources, go near a facility, interact with it, and Produce the required resources. When you will come back from hunting, you will feel happy by looking at the resources being produced successfully for you. Isn’t it useful?

Other miscellaneous tips to remember

  1. Always bring a torch or wear cold-resistant clothing if the temperature drops significantly due to snow or rain.
  2. Not to worry, even if their durability reaches 0, Upgraded Gears will remain. That is why we recommend upgrading gears as much as possible.
  3.  The game provides survivors with a variety of weapons to use against monsters and enemies. Blade & Shield, Spear, Blunt Weapon, Sling, and Bow. Each weapon type is paired with a variety of skills that enhance your attack. When fighting monsters, you can deal a lot of damage with the bow and the skill Dead-Eye + Stealth. However, the game’s most powerful weapon is now the Titanium Hammer (Epic). Enhance it with mods and you will become invincible!
  4. Maintain an eye out for changes in the weather and other environmental factors.
  5. Going for Talent Modification? Our suggestion is to go with Upgrading Attack Talent first and then HP Talent.
  6. Want to unlock more and more things in the Game? Believe us Adventure Guide is one of the core things, you are looking for. Follow the Story Line and complete the tutorials, if you want to dive deep in the game.
  7. Use Coconuts first than using Coconut shell with water in case you are thirsty. In this way, you can easily use that empty coconut shell for producing the shells with water again. Where you can do so? Yeah in rain collector.
  8. Once you get access to the Radio Device, upgrade it to a descent level to make sure you get access more scenes in the map.
  9. Don’t fill your storage crates with anything. To ease up the work, you can simply name your storage crates too. For example – You can name a crate Water & Food to store only those things in that crate. This simple tip will help you effectively in the near future.
  10.  You have not joined a camp yet? Once you reach a descent level, you can join a camp and request for stuff in the chat. Moreover, you will be rewarded with awesome stuff after completing camp quests etc.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, this is a pretty cool game. Thus far, it takes some time if you’re playing for free, but it’s entirely doable. What makes this game superior is that upgrades and other products take less than an hour. This is fantastic because other games can make you feel like crap at times. Players have to battle their way through diverse natural environments such as flaming volcanoes and icy glaciers, as well as difficult obstacles such as mutant zombies, militias, and wild creatures. Moreover, players can collect a variety of materials to construct their own camp. They develop the ability to craft a variety of tools and weapons to survive! Above all, if you get stuck anywhere, you can always refer to this Lost in Blue beginners guide for a better understanding. That’s all for today’s Lost in Blue Beginners Guide. Did you find our Lost in Blue Beginners Guide useful? Do let us know in the comments below! For more Mobile Gaming news and updates, join our WhatsApp groupTelegram Group, or Discord server. Also, follow us on Google News, Instagramand Twitter for quick updates.
Lost in Blue Beginners Guide and Tips



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