How to fix VALORANT’s ‘queue is disabled’ error

Hopping into a VALORANT match may be harder than it sounds right now. The latest VALORANT error is preventing players from entering matches, cutting queues short and locking you out of games. And a “queue is disabled” message pops up where it usually says “in queue,” claiming that “party members aren’t ready.” Despite the issue clearly impacting the game experience, there’s an easy solution. Here’s how to fix VALORANT‘s “queue is disabled” error.
Screengrab via Riot Games
The error usually appears a few seconds after queueing up for a match. The queue will proceed as normal before turning red and reading “queue is disabled.” And cycling through tabs before revisiting the lobby doesn’t appear to solve the issue. Simply restarting your client should fix the “queue is disabled” error. As soon as players log back on, they can queue into a match without encountering the pesky problem. After your match ends, however, the error is liable to crop back up. If that happens, players can just restart their client again. Riot hasn’t addressed the error yet and it’s unclear what the culprit is. But the latest Patch 3.04 may have caused some instability. Players have also reported unusually high ping in their respective servers. Texas players, for example, might notice a ping increase of 60 on their server, forcing them to play on another server instead.

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