Side effects: Lidl recalls the entire cannabis range

Discounter Lidl is recalling biscuits, tea and protein bars because of an excessively high active ingredient content in hemp-containing foods. The following goods from the Czech manufacturer Euphoria Trade sro are affected, regardless of the best before date: Mary & Juana Premium Cannabis Cookies (Chocolate, Classic, Cranberry, Hash), Euphoria Tea of ​​mind Cannabis Tea and Euphoria Raw Cannabis Protein Bar Apple, as Lidl announced.

Cannabis products from Lidl: there is a risk of damage to health!

An increased content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) was found in the food. Consumption of these foods could have undesirable health consequences, such as mood swings and fatigue. “Because of this, customers should pay attention to the recall and stop using the products,” warned the company. The goods were sold in Germany.

Cannabis campaign at Lidl: the public prosecutor’s office is investigating

As a precautionary measure, the discounter withdrew all hemp products from its promotional range in mid-August because some of them are currently being scrutinized by the authorities. According to the investigators, it is a possible violation of the Narcotics Act. A spokesman for the Heilbronn public prosecutor said it was being investigated “whether the products that are offered there contain THC or CBD”. However, it is only a test process, not a preliminary investigation. According to a spokeswoman for the authority, there was initially no result. According to the Federal Office for Consumer Protection, approval is required for products with cannabidiol (CBD). The trade in articles with a higher content of intoxicating THC is prohibited in Germany. (With material from the dpa.)



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