LG: OLED TVs with a problem? washed out black

L.Bright colors and a deep black, these are the advantages of a television with an OLED display? usually. With some newer models from the South Korean manufacturer LG, however, washed-out black and gray tones and annoying flickering occur again and again. This is particularly noticeable in the LG OLED CX, which is optimized for computer games, with a variable refresh rate of up to 120 Hertz and AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync support. Now the company responsible for the production of the screens, LG Display, has technical problems granted. Accordingly, the weakness in the display of dark colors is due to the variable image frequency.

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Variable frame rate is to blame for problems

According to the manufacturer, the problems arise when the frame rate drops below 120 Hertz when the variable frame rate (VRR) is activated. The reason for this are the subpixels used in the OLED displays. Some of the built-in pixels are therefore designed for fixed refresh rates of 120 Hertz and are loaded at a fixed frequency of 8.33 milliseconds. As soon as the frame rate drops, the subpixels become overloaded. The result is a falsified display, which is particularly noticeable with dark colors. That LG Display admits the problem is commendable? The company does not name a solution for devices that have already been sold. It does state that it could help in future devices to establish gamma curves for different frame rates. It remains to be seen whether this is possible via a software update.



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