How to use 10 Rifts in a single match (all Fortnite Rift locations)

The next generation of consoles is right around the corner, and both Microsoft and Sony are using Fortnite as a means of promoting their new hardware. Such a grouping makes sense, as it’s an easy way to compare the last generation to the next one. Fortnite is still going to be an incredibly popular game, and players will immediately feel the difference between their last console and their new one when they jump into their first match. Sony released a blog on November 6, detailing some of the changes that will be evident in their version of Fortnite. Epic Games already covered some of these updates in a bullet-point form on the new consoles, but Sony went into much greater detail with their recent release.
One of the bigger announcements revolved around the new DualSense PS5 controller. According to the blog post, Sony are “supporting adaptive trigger feedback for ranged weapons.” The new controller will use “trigger pull feedback,” giving players the feeling of “supporting adaptive trigger feedback for ranged weapons.” Sony also went into more detail about the graphics and performance improvements when jumping from PS4 to PS5. The console will be capable of outputting 4k video at 60 FPS as well as produce enhanced visual effects like grass, clouds, smoke, etc. The most important update might be in the performance category, as, “PS5’s ultra-high speed SSD has let us dramatically upgrade loading performance, improving texture loading and letting you get into matches much faster.”
PS5 Fortnite
The blog concludes by offering players the Throwback Pickaxe for free – which is already available on all platforms and isn’t a PlayStation exclusive. Most of these changes will be mirrored by the Xbox Series X. Both new consoles boast Fortnite at 1080P or 4K at 60 FPS, which is far from ground-breaking. Most low to mid-range PCs can get 144 FPS with low settings, which is a distinct advantage when playing someone who is only getting 60 frames. Only time will tell as to which console handles Fortnite better – PlayStation or Xbox. Console players are still stuck at 60 FPS, but are getting performance and graphical improvements, at least.



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