Best Fortnite Deathrun map codes

Battle royales share a core game mechanic when it comes to surviving. Lasting in Fortnite can be quite trickier than other battle royale titles, however, since there’s a handful of mechanics you need to master. Building is a core part of Fortnite, and sooner or later, you’ll need to build your own fort to rise up to the challenge. Picking up and sharpening these mechanics will be faster through practice, but you’ll need nerves made of steel. As easy as improving in Fortnite may look, patience will play a huge factor since it’s hardly unlikely for anyone to become a World Championship-caliber player overnight. One of the best ways to work on your patience is playing Deathrun maps. These custom maps feature impossible obstacle courses that require your utmost attention. Patiently making your way through the following maps will be proof that you’re un-tiltable, which is key to grinding hours of Fortnite to rank up. Deathrun maps are also an excellent way to practice your movement skills. In a good chunk of Fortnite matches, you’ll find yourself in complicated build fights. The longer a build fight goes on, the harder it will be to find your opponent, and terrain will basically turn into an obstacle course. While it’s impossible for a build fight to have as many traps as a Deathrun map, it’s never a bad idea to get used to the spikes. Here are the best Deathrun map codes in Fortnite that make you feel like you’re in an episode of Ninja Warrior.

Relativity Deathrun

Map code: 7024-4001-0960 Most Deathrun maps overdo the traps and make you run on top of a minefield. While it’s good to know what you’ll be going through with a misstep, it may distract you from the real experience. Relativity Deathrun is more like a maze and features an ever-changing map. With each obstacle you go through, the rest of the map will slightly change to hinder your plans. It’s more like a Rubik’s Cube inside Fortnite. You’ll also have an option to turn off the colors on the map. Doing so will render the map in plain black and white, increasing the overall difficulty even further.

Dread Pirate Jonesy’s Deathrun

Map code: 4948-4770-3389 The eighth season of Fortnite featured pirates. While more than five seasons have passed since season eight’s time in Fortnite, the island theme was still one of the better ones considering how tropically beautiful Fortnite is. Dread Pirate Jonesy’s Deathrun map features all the elements that define the genre but does it in an excellent pirate theme. You’ll be hopping on barrels and stones to finally find the Jonesy’s treasure. You actually know where the treasure is since the course leads you to it, but getting there is more challenging than it looks. Getting your feet wet will send you flying back to the start-line, and it’s also possible to see occasional sharks roaming around the waters, which gives a unique vibe to the map.

ItsCizzorz’s Deathrun 4.0

Map code: 2778-3253-4171 If you’re looking for a map that’ll test your mental strength to its limits, then look no further. ItsCizzorz is known for his almost impossible parkour-style custom maps. These maps are so tough to complete that the content creator even holds competitions and with rewards up to $10,000. Competitive Deathrun players can keep an eye on more maps from Cizzorz since competitions usually happen to celebrate the launch of a new map. All of Cizzorz’s maps are filled with impossible obstacles and countless handicaps. Jumping from platform to platform is already hard by itself, but you’ll have to do it with your feet frozen, or you’re running at super speed in Cizzorz’s maps. He was kind enough to include checkpoints, however, so your efforts will hardly go to waste.

Jesgran’s Deathrun 2.0

Map code: 3116-3531-4114 Most custom maps in Fortnite focus on the mechanics of the maps, which leaves a lot to be desired in terms of the map’s visual quality. Though the most competitive players will always look for the hardest maps to complete, a decent mix of looks and difficulty can be a breath of fresh air. Once you load into Jesgran’s Deathrun you may want to double-check if you’re still playing Fortnite. The map features a brilliant concept and makes you feel like you’re in an Indiana Jones movie. It’s also one of the few maps that require players to use tools like the Plunger, Baller Vehicle, and Flint-Knock Pistol. This mystique temple will test your decision-making skills, and a misstep can be your demise. Jesgran’s second Deathrun map has been his most successful so far due to its launch event with a $1,000 prize pool, but the map genius has been improving upon its successful formula. You can also check out the third and fourth edition of the map through the creator’s YouTube channel.

15 Level Pokémon Deathrun

Map code: 3235-7843-7925 Fortnite has a vibrant theme that’s easy on the eyes. Epic Games works on multiple collaboration deals during a Fortnite year, and fans have seen inclusions ranging from famous artists to superheroes. Pokémon hasn’t appeared in Fortnite yet, but it’s possible to find them inside custom games. GGrayzBOT’s Pokémon Deathrun features a total of 15 levels that are slightly easier to complete than the other entries on our list. Though you don’t get to see Pikachus or Charizards flying around, you get to play on a map filled with Poké balls. It’s a rather trap-heavy map, so you’ll need to watch your steps. It’s always the traps that get you when you feel the safest after making that impossible leap.

Dumb-Run 2

Map code: 5076 7972 2419 Playing maps with fewer levels means that you’ll need to find yourself a new one sooner than you’d like. While each map is unique, you can quickly adjust to their gimmicks and find yourself looking at the victory screen. You’ll either need to have a nice archive of maps to play or find yourself a map with at least 100 levels, like Dumb-Run 2. Don’t let its name fool you as the levels in Dumb-Run 2 increase in difficulty, and you may suddenly find yourself scratching your head after breezing through the first stages of the map. Levels aren’t that long per se, but obstacles set in different setups will keep the overall experience fresh.

Xd Tryharder’s Dropnite Deathrun

Map code: 6922-6910-7394 As hard as a Deathrun map can be, checkpoints help it make them bearable. That’s not the case for Xd Tryharder’s Dropnite map, though, since you’ll need to start from scratch every time you fall into darkness. The obstacles almost feel impossible at times, and some even require you to turn on your game’s brightness or monitor to have a better vision on what you’re about to walk into. The map’s definitely not for the short-tempered, but it’s still one of the better ones if you’re looking for that extra level of difficulty.

Easier Deathrun maps in Fortnite

If you’re just getting into Deathrun maps and starting off with the maps above can be a little intimidating. You don’t always have to dive into the ocean to learn how to swim, and dipping your toes around the shoreline can sometimes be a better option. The following maps are perfect for learning the ropes of Deathrun maps, and you should get used to the core mechanics of the custom map kind in no time.

25 Level Default Deathrun

Map code: 9380-4756-0957 The 25 level Default Deathrun map by Willhe features a nice balance between speed and toughness. The map gets slightly more challenging as you climb up the ladder, but the checkpoint before each level makes it extremely easier to adjust to each level.

The World’s Smoothest Deathrun

Map code: 8487-0907-9165 Most Deathrun maps require you to take a second and observe your surroundings. While observation is a vital skill to advance through courses, it may also get boring when you’re trying to speedrun maps. The World’s Smoothest Deathrun features a very basic layout of obstacles with a lot of speed and jump boosts. These boots aren’t programmed to sync with each other, however, and you’ll need to time your jump to successfully avoid spikes.



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