How to get ‘double movement’ in Fortnite Season 6

Epic removed double-movement keybinds, but players are reportedly allowed to use third-party software to create the same effect. The debate between controller and KBM (keyboard and mouse) in Fortnite will probably never end. First, it was the aim assist argument. After that died down, KBM players grew envious of controller movement. Since controller players use a joystick, it’s much easier for them to strafe in one direction while looking in another. On keyboard, your movement is locked to front, back, left, or right. This limitation prevents KBM players from full-sprinting while looking and building to the side. KBM players got around this by using “double movement” keybinds. They would bind one of their movement inputs to two keys, allowing them to achieve “controller movement.”
Fortnite Mobile Controller Support
After a while, Epic banned this practice in-game by only allowing Fortnite players to map their movement inputs to a single key. There have always been third-party apps that allow players to bind keys to a controller emulator, but a lot of Fortnite players assumed that this wasn’t allowed. Recently, however, BenjyFishy told his stream that using programs like ReWASD and Keys2xInput isn’t bannable. Benjy made it clear that he checked with someone at Epic about this before adding it to his gameplay. Since we can assume that Benjy got the green light, it opens the door to all players who want double movement.
As we stated, the two popular programs that achieve double movement are ReWASD and Keys2xInput. The former offers a free trial but costs money each month. The latter is free, and will likely be the first choice for anyone who wants to try double-movement for the first time. YouTuber itsJerian made a video tutorial on how to set up these two programs, going into detail about exactly how they work. We suggest taking a look at his video if you plan on setting these programs up for yourself.
Double movement is a tough thing to police in Fortnite. Using third-party software for an in-game advantage seems messy, but controller players already have this ability. All these programs do is emulate a controller joystick on your keyboard. Hopefully, this clears up any confusion that you might have on double-movement keybinds on KBM. Epic haven’t made any official statements on the matter, but we can assume that people like BenjyFishy and itsJerian, who have contacts at Epic, know enough to steer us in the right direction



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