CAEdge: Continental and Amazon develop platform for car software

Continental and Amazon’s cloud division Amazon Web Services (AWS) want to jointly build a modular hardware and software platform. It should connect vehicles via the cloud and thus enable the development, provision and maintenance of system functions. Thanks to the so-called “Continental Automotive Edge Platform” (CAEdge), both workshops and drivers should be provided with software updates over the entire service life of the car. One goal is to be able to develop, test and install the vehicle software on the vehicles as quickly and safely as possible, despite the immense volume of data. For example, camera and radar data from a vehicle fleet will run via the CAEdge platform and be used for simulations of autonomous driving. Thanks to the scalable computing capacity available at AWS, the standardization of tools and processes as well as machine learning, the transfer of data and the training of the algorithms should only take a few hours instead of several weeks.
The huge computing power of modern cars requires a powerful way to keep your software up-to-date. Developing and managing this data promises to be big business.

(Image: Continental)
CAEdge should also be able to trade the developments of different customers at the same time. A car manufacturer should hold its own development exclusively, but should also be able to grant access rights via Continental or other development partners. Most recently, AWS was the most lucrative division at Amazon. The cloud computing company primarily maintains computing capacity and storage space on a decentralized basis in the network and offers development services in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). Continental is initially deploying “more than 1000 developers”. CAEdge is already being tested in the series development of an automobile manufacturer and should also be opened to other customers from the end of 2021. The collaboration with Amazon is therefore intended to be permanent.
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