How to Fix a Slow Internet Connection?

The internet is an overwhelming virtual space with an endless supply of knowledge, education, and entertainment. However, just like any other technology, it can also break down, making it impossible for you to connect to the world. So, what can you do in a time like this? Either you can call your service provider for their professional assistance or you can solve the problem on your own and save some time and money.

To find the cure, first, you need to know the cause of the problem. You obviously cannot fix your internet without knowing why it went down. Thankfully, in cases like this, there are only three things to blame which include the device, the network, or the internet connection itself. The following article will be a lifesaver so continue reading, and if everything goes south, you can always turn back to spectrum’s customer service as unmatchable as the Spectrum internet prices.

Whenever you experience slow or no internet, check if the problem persists on other devices or not. If the internet is working fine on other gadgets, then the problem is with that particular device. However, if other devices cannot access the World Wide Web as well, then something is wrong with your connection.

Here are some ways to find out what is wrong with your internet connection:

  1. Check the light indicator on your router

Take a look at your wireless router, do the lights seem odd? If you do not know how exactly they should work, dig up the instructions manual and give it a quick read. This would help you understand what each light means and how to deal with them individually.

2. Move closer to the internet router to boost your signal

In large households, it is possible that the signals transmitted by the router are not strong enough to reach your device. In situations like this, move closer to the internet modem and you might experience better internet speeds with stable connectivity. If the speed change is significant when you move closer to the router, then you need to boost the signals of your network, which can be easily done with the help of wireless extenders.

3. Use an Ethernet cable to connect your device

You obviously cannot connect an Ethernet cable to your smartphone, but these cables work exceptionally well when connected to devices that have Ethernet ports. Simply plug in the cable in the port and start surfing the internet. Since you do not need radio signals for this connection, no external interruptions and unnecessary connections are liaising with your network. So, test your wireless connection by connecting an Ethernet cable and if the internet works better, then the problem is in your router or modem.

4. Update the software of your device and router

If you are experiencing random cut-outs of wireless signals, then probably there is an issue with the software of your device or the router’s firmware. Consider updating the firmware of your internet router as it is good for security purposes as well. However, if the issue is only with one device, then update the wireless drivers of that particular device. At times, it can get extremely hard to find the firmware of the router, in such a situation, contact your service provider and ask the representative to provide you with the latest software for your router. You can also get your router replaced if you think the current one is outdated. The latest models of routers can download and install the drivers automatically as soon as a newer version is released.

How to fix your internet connection by yourself?

Signals transmitted by wireless routers rely on channels. If you are experiencing slow internet, try changing the channel of your wireless network. Switch to a less crowded channel and if you are lucky, you might experience fast internet connectivity. In case the issue does not resolve by changing the channel, turn your router off and turn it back on after two to three minutes. It is a simple yet effective technique. Since these little machines work 24 hours a day, they need to clear their cache. Make sure that the router cools down and then after turning it on, test the speed of your internet. You will most likely notice an improvement in your connection.



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