High-pressure cleaners in the Lidl range: Parkside at a low price


Lidl offer: The Parkside PHD 170 B2 high-pressure cleaner is currently available in the online shop.

HPressure washers are ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach areas on the car, house or garden without any problems. The devices clean garden furniture, hubcaps and more with plenty of water pressure. Lidl currently has the Parkside PHD 170 B2 high-pressure cleaner for 89.99 euros on offer in its online shop. Online buyers should plan an additional EUR 4.95 for shipping. According to the price comparison portal idealo, the discount price is quite solid (all prices and information as of March 11, 2021).

Buy Parkside PHD 170 B2 cheap at Lidl!

  • Maximum water pressure of 170 bar and 2,400 watts of power
  • Also works without a water connection
  • With an energy-saving auto-start-stop system and child safety device

Parkside PHD 170 B2 in the Lidl range

The Parkside PHD 170 B2 has a robust housing made of impact-resistant plastic and a corrosion-resistant aluminum high-pressure pump. Ideally, the model needs a water connection for operation, but also works independently thanks to the water suction function. The water shoots out of the 2,400 watt device with a maximum of 170 bar. In this way, the Lidl high-pressure cleaner pumps up to 500 liters per hour. The 10-meter high-pressure hose is quickly rolled in and out. Top: Thanks to the auto-start-stop system, the motor only turns when the ergonomic pistol grip is operated. Due to the light construction, the large wheels and the pull-out handle, the cleaning device can be used flexibly. The cleaning nozzles can be quickly exchanged using the Quick Connect connection system. The Parkside is further characterized by a pressure indicator on the handle, a child safety device and an integrated detergent tank. Everything for use is included in the scope of delivery.

Media Markt offer: Bosch as an alternative!

  • 1,200 watts of power and 100 bar
  • Including 3 meter hose and handy design
  • Price at Media Markt: 69.90 euros

Other alternatives to the Lidl offer

If you are unsuccessful at the discounter or you are looking for a battery-powered model, you will find other devices from Zipper, Bosch and Gloria in the cordless high-pressure cleaner comparison. The table compares criteria such as cleaning performance, battery capacity and the length of the high-pressure hose. From the expensive comparison winner to the affordable price-performance winner, everything is included.



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