Wild Rift developers explained the reasons behind lag and high latency

League of Legends: Wild Rift is currently running in its beta phase. Developers are working hard to expand to more regions as the global launch is about to come. However, there are some major issues that the players are complaining about. These are the high latency and lag that are troubling the wild rift players very much. As they are gearing up for beta launch in the Americas, developers have announced that they are working hard towards optimizing the game for the players.

Riot acknowledged their awareness of the problem and are working to resolve the issues

Lag sucks, and can really take a game of Wild Rift from thrilling to infuriating. We know that too many of you are having games with consistent high ping, or ping spikes, and it’s something that we are improving further. Alan Moore. Game director, riot games
Latency varies a lot across regions and it changes by the location you are playing from. Furthermore, it is impacted by the quality of players’ internet service providers or local networks. And according to Alan Moore. this is what makes it difficult for the devs to evaluate individual situations, and apply one-size fixes in the game.
Wild Rift lag
Riot is working to resolve the lag issues faced by Wild Rift players
“There are a lot of optimizations that we’re looking to make. Some of those will be local to specific regions, and some will be broader improvements. Those include spinning up new servers where it makes sense to do so, improving backend logic that determines which game server you’re connecting to, as well as working with service providers to optimize the routes that your traffic takes. There are some issues that we’re still actively investigating to understand better before we can prioritize for fixes. These include large temporary ping spikes that some players are seeing.”, he added.

What are the improvements Riot plans to make to solve Wild Rift lag problems?

Wild Rift devs are planning to introduce region-specific new servers to solve the lag and high latency. They are also planning to improve the backend logic, which will determine which server you are going to get connected to so you get the best ping possible. Also, they have expressed their plans to work with service providers (ISP’s) in every region possible to optimize the traffic and provide the players with the lowest possible ping. All these improvements will help players have a smooth gaming experience in League of Legends: Wild Rift.
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