A comparison of high-end headphones: Apple AirPods Max versus Hifiman Ananda BT

Good Bluetooth headphones not only have to offer great sound, they also have to sit comfortably. If the operation is still correct and there are attractive additional functions such as active noise suppression (ANC) on top, you wear a coherent overall package over your ears. But in practice there is unfortunately no such thing as the egg-laying woolly milk sow, as is so often the case. As is well known, taste can be argued, but in direct comparison, Apple’s AirPods Max definitely looks more modern than the Hifiman Ananda BT. With its staid design, the Ananda BT looks like a relic from the seventies. Overall, it is solidly made. The headphones go with you when you travel in the bulky transport case supplied. The AirPods Max, on the other hand, is modern and relies on high-quality materials and clean workmanship. One can argue about the appearance of the “handbag” for transporting. The AirPods case deactivates the headphones so that they do not draw any power in standby.
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