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1 Who is Greg?

Greg, simply, is a NPC. A non-playable character designed by the game. He is introduced during the tutorial, when you unlock Level 1. He is your first friend in the game – one you cannot unfriend – to show as an example of how to play. But, Greg does far more than just sit on your friends list.

2 What does Greg Do?

– Greg can come to your farm, as one of the many characters appearing, asking for items in exchange for coins. – Greg can purchase items from your roadside shop if the item has gone unsold for quite some time. – After you have hit Level 25, Greg can offer his Lumberjack services.

3 How does the Lumberjack Service work?

If you are over Level 25 and have 25 or more dead plants, Greg can come and offer to clean up your farm. Greg will cut down a maximum of 20 dead plants, starting with dead nectar bushes. Greg will charge between 40 and 50 diamonds, depending on how many axes and saws he needs. Axes cost 4 diamonds and saws cost 5, which is a 50% discount on the total price of them if you were trying to do the work yourself.

4 What does Greg have?

– Greg is the only NPC in the game with a full farm that you can visit. – His farm showcases every unlockable machine, decoration, feature, etc within the game, though none of them are ever working. – Greg has a working train station. – Greg has a roadside shop.

5 What can and can’t you do at Greg’s Farm?

– If your train is unlocked, you can pick up waiting villagers. – You can purchase a variety of items from Greg’s roadside shop. – Greg never asks for items for quests, so you will not need to check those. – You cannot visit Greg’s fishing lake.



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