Dystopia: Contest of Heroes Base Building Guide

Dystopia: Contest of Heroes is a free-to-play, strategybased multiplayer combat game featuring high quality, intense color graphics and a collection of fully customizable 3D heroes with player-controlled abilities. This game is quite similar to Clash of Clans in concept. Dystopia looks like a fast-paced strategical game in the initial stages of the game. As players can easily hunt energy and cash without much haste in the beginning. But, as you level up higher and higher it becomes quite difficult to protect your cash and energy storage from your enemies. Above all, if you don’t know how to build a base strategically, you are not going to progress with ease. We have prepared this Dystopia: Contest of Heroes Base Building guide to explain different ways in which you can build your base and do wonders.

Dystopia: Contest of Heroes Base Building Guide and Tips

Why do you need to build your base strategically?

A poorly constructed base can give your enemies easy access to your loot and your trophies, while a well-designed base can protect vital resources and keep your enemies (and their scavengers) out.
Here is our guide for the best base building and tips to keeping all your best stuff under lock and key. No doubt, Dystopia: Contest of Heroes may prove to be difficult for new players to find success. This guide will provide tips for new players to begin building a base in the best possible manner.

How to build a Trophy pushing base in Dystopia?

The purpose of a trophy push base is just to gain more and more trophies and rank up higher in the leader board. While building a trophy pushing base, you should not focus on how to stop opponents from taking even a single star. Rather, you should think of how to avoid players from getting 3 stars on your base.
Dystopia: Contest of Heroes Base Building guide
Moreover, if a player gets 3 stars on your base, it will cost you 30 trophies. However, if a player succeeds in getting 1 or 2 stars on your base, then it will cost you lesser trophies. Follow these steps to understand how to build a Trophy pushing base without much haste:
  • Start by placing your Townhall in the middle of your base.
  • Surround it with walls or you can use your defenses too.
  • If you are placing a defense outside the walls, surprise your enemies by placing explosives near them.
  • You don’t have too many walls to use in Dystopia, use your walls wisely.
  • Your opponents will always be looking for a place from where they can deploy bouncers. If you have read our basic tips and tricks guide for Dystopia. You know then what to do next.
  • Place your Alliance castle near your defenses or your Core (Townhall)

How to build a defense base?

Dystopia: Contest of Heroes Base Building guide
  • Start with placing your strongest defense building in the mid and you can also cover it with walls.
  • For covering your defense you can either use your storages or use walls.
  • Do note that in a defense base, you should focus on your defense first and the resources next.
  • Always provide a cover for your defenses so that, gunners or bouncers can’t reach your defenses at one step.
  • If you are in an active alliance where you can receive active donations. Then, place your alliance castle near your defenses to support them with your received units.
  • Use the explosives wisely and find the best possible spot to hide them.

How to start building a farming base?

A farming base is mostly preferred by those who want to gain more and more resources without considering their trophies. In this, you simply leave your Town Hall outside your walls and bring your storage towards the center, protected by overlapping defenses. The goal of this base is to keep enemies from hitting your storage. Follow these steps to build a farming base:
  • Put your storage in the center of your base and provide a cover with walls.
  • Fix your defense buildings near your storage.
  • Provide a cover to your defenses with other buildings.
  • You should avoid placing your alliance castle near the Core. You can place it in the corner of your map.
  • Place your Core now, as shown in the given image.

How to place Traps and defenses?

Dystopia: Contest of Heroes Base Building guide
In Dystopia, you don’t get too many defenses in the beginning levels. You only receive turrets, mortar, guard towers, etc for defense. Here is the breakdown of a few defense buildings and items and how you can use them for a better defense:


The turret is a powerful defensive cannon that always targets ground units. It only hits a single target at a time. If you want to place a Turret on your base, prefer covering it with walls first. If you are lacking walls, cover all the sides with walls and leave one or two passages for the enemy units. Now, you can place an explosive there to give your enemy a sweet surprise.


Mortar is best for area-splash damage. It usually has more range than turrets and any other defense buildings. However, you must know that Mortars can’t fire on air units. If you get too close to them, you must be prepared for some hellfire. Always prefer covering the Mortar with walls and some other building stuff. So that goons or any other unit (excluding bouncers) will not target the mortar first.

Guard Tower 

Dystopia: Contest of Heroes Base Building guide
Guard Towers are perfect for spotting enemies from afar and alerting the defenders. The Guard Towers are precise and can shoot from a long-range. The best thing is that it targets air and ground units too. Guard towers can be placed in the center or either near your Hero with explosives connecting to it.


Explosives deal a good amount of damage. These little fellas will surprise your visitors in the best possible way. Moreover, when a player attacks your base he/she can not view your explosives on the map. Prefer placing them near your cannons or other defense items to provide the extra support.

Which Hero to choose in your Hero base?

Hero base is a place for your Hero where your hero can easily heal and gets trained. You must upgrade this building to increase the starting ability points in the battle.
Here is the list of recommended Heroes to use on different levels of Cores:
  • Bjorn – Preferred for players with Core level 6 
  • Volta – For Core level 7 or above players
  • The Doctor – For Core level 9 or above players
  • The Prophet – Good option for Core 13 or above 
  • Spectre – Depends on players choices

Fundamentals to building a great base layout in Dystopia: Contest of Heroes

Alliance castle should be in the mid

Because of the large radius of the alliance castle and because of its ability to hold different types of units, the alliance castle is one of the most powerful assets for you. The harder it is to lure out the alliance castle, the more units an enemy has to spend on that initial battle. Moreover, by the time your units in alliance castle are destroyed your opponent’s army is severely weakened to finish off the rest of the battle.

Walls are limited, avoid wasting them

If you are a fan of double stacking your walls, no doubt it is a poor way to stop the enemies’ units. It is highly recommended that you must use those extra walls to amaze your layout and avoid stacking them. You can cover your core or defense items with your walls instead.

Use your Traps wisely

Avoid placing your traps in random areas in your base. It is highly recommended that you should place your traps either near the defenses or in front of your Core. Moreover, you can create a single passing by removing a single wall from some corners. Then, all you need is to place your walls there. As bouncers and other units love to find a clear path to go into your base instead of working hard in breaking the walls.

Choose a suitable Hero to survive

Each and every Hero possess different abilities and damage powers. It becomes important to select which Hero you need the most in your base. If your Core level is below 6, you must focus on Bjorn. However, it doesn’t mean that you start avoiding other Heroes. Up to Core level 6, most of the players don’t use air units. So, using Volta is not a good option according to me. Above all, if you are an advanced player, you can consider playing with maxed out Volta as per your level.

Final Thoughts 

Dystopia: Contest of Heroes is still lacking some of the important features which are essential to improve the in-game experience, such as base layout editor, alliance wars, etc. Besides this, it needs heavy work on the base editing style. It sometimes takes half an hour to build a complete base of core level 10 or higher. Dragging each wall separately sometimes consumes time. Above all, developers are working hard to timely push new updates with new features and bug fixes. If you find any difficulty in strategically designing your base, you can visit this guide anytime to get a better understanding.
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