Hair styler on eBay: Dyson Airwrap at a budget price

Women and men sometimes spend hours in the bathroom to shape their head of hair with a blow dryer, curling iron or straightener. The Dyson Airwrap Complete comes around the corner and combines all three functions in one compact device. On top of that, the hair wraps itself around the wand as if by magic. However, this has its price. With currently 466 euros, the Dyson is not a bargain, according to the price comparison portal idealo. However, if you take a look at Ebay, you will find the hair styler on sale there for a hefty 378 euros. As a result, you save a whopping 88 euros. The device is a certified, completely overhauled product directly from the manufacturer with a one-year guarantee. COMPUTER BILD tried the Dyson Airwrap Complete for several weeks and finally gave it a good assessment (all prices and information – as of August 16, 2021).

Dyson Airwrap Complete cheaper on Ebay

  • Save around 88 euros compared to the competition
  • Magically sucks the hair using technology from aviation
  • Including various attachments for curls, straight hair and more
Hair styler Dyson Airwrap Complete on Ebay

Dyson Airwrap Complete on eBay

The Dyson Airwrap Complete is equipped with three heat and three airflow levels. Fascinating: A technology from aviation ensures that the blow dryer air rushes around the wand at high speed and the hair wraps itself around it. The extensive accessories consisting of a storage box, anti-slip mat, drying attachment, round volume brush, curling attachments and smoothing brushes transform the Dyson into a hair styler with a wide range of options. The practical test shows that you first need a little practice to conjure up beautiful curls and waves. When straightening frizzy hair, the result is not entirely convincing. On the other hand, the Airwrap is nice to the hair with a maximum temperature of 95 degrees, but not to the ears with 95 decibels. You can find more impressions and tips in the detailed practical impression at COMPUTER BILD.

Alternatives to the Ebay deal

If you have no luck on Ebay or are looking for a classic curling iron instead, you will find models from Philips, Remington and GHD in the curling iron comparison. In the overview, the devices are compared with one another in terms of the number of heat levels, warm-up time and temperature range. From the expensive comparison winner to the cheap price tip, everything is represented.
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