Fortnite: these are the top 10 celebrity skins

It is no surprise that “Fortnite” is the game with the most collaborations from well-known manufacturers. The developers have teamed up with a number of celebrities – from real life celebrities to Fortnite icons and streamers who have represented the game for years. Whether as a favorite cartoon character, film hero or celebrity – a challenge is always more fun when you dress the way you like it.

10. Marshmello

The first artist who found his way in Fortnite and gave his own concert fits perfectly into the meta-world of “Fortnite”. His characteristic bucket helmet and his luminous suit match all the peculiar elements of the shooter and could easily be used as the original skin. The very first virtual concert that broke Fortnite records and saw 10 million players live in February 2019 really deserved its own skin.
Marshmello Fortnite Skin
Marshmello’s skin fits in perfectly with the Fortnite aesthetic.

9. Travis Scott

After the Marshmello success, a second virtual event was launched – the Astronomical event with rapper Travis Scott, whose tour bore the same name. This virtual experience took a whole new level and let the giant Travis Scott teleport to the Fortnite map and perform. A short time later, the rapper’s special skin, known as Astro Jack, was also released.
Travis Scott Fortnite Skin
The Travis Scott concert was one of the most exciting party royale events.

8. Ninja

The Icon series was first announced in January 2020 with the aim of bringing key figures in the Fortnite entertainment industry to the game as playable outfits. This also included popular streamers, and in this context, of course, Ninja has to be mentioned first. In his wedding on Twitch he broke all records and “Fortnite” as a game to the top of the video game industry. The skin comes with Ninja’s signature blue-dyed hair and a reactive headband that changes depending on the number of eliminations.
Ninja Fortnite Skin
Ninja broke multiple Twitch records while playing Fortnite, so it’s no surprise he has his own skin.

7. Loserfruit

The second skin in the icon series came to the item shop in June 2020 and shows the Australian Twitch streamer Loserfruit, who is currently one of the most prominent players in Fortnite. The skin is an actual outfit that she wore during the Australian Open tournament. Also, some fruits can be seen on her pickaxe, lined up like a toothpick.
Loserfruit Fortnite Skin
Loserfruit was the second famous Fortnite player to be added to the game.

6. Lachlan

Another Australian participant is Lachlan, who was the third streamer in the “Fortnite” icon franchise. Its skin was released in November 2020, and players could win it for free by completing Lachlan’s pickaxe frenzy. They received the skin and various cosmetic accessories as well as reactive clothing.
Lachlan Fortnite Skin
Lachlan is the third streamer added to the Battle Royale title.

5. TheGrefg

One year after the announcement, the Spanish streamer TheGrefg followed as the fourth skin in the icon series. The Spanish flag, the Dragonball series, as well as a reactive color change that colors it completely red, are the features of this outfit. Not to be forgotten is the pickaxe in the form of a controller.
TheGrefg Fortnite Skin
TheGrefg is the fourth addition to the Fortnite icon franchise.

4. LazarBeam

The last skin in the icon series was released in March 2021 in the form of the LazarBeam streamer. A reference to the former job of the streamer as a construction worker makes this skin very special. The LazarBeam outfit could be unlocked in Lazar & Fresh’s Super Knockback tournament.
LazarBeam Fortnite Skin
The LazarBeam skin is one of the few in the game with a personal touch.

3. Lebron James

As a promotion for the sequel to “Space Jam,” Lebron James and Epic Games worked together to develop the King James skin, which came in two flavors: the Tune Squad outfit and the Taco Tuesday outfit. Most of all, however, the black outfit that shows Lebron James with gold shoulder pads and an ascending crown stands out. Its wings also help players navigate the island when they leave the battle bus.
LeBron James Fortnite Skin
The LeBron James skin is one of the newest additions to “Fortnite”.

2. Bugha

It wouldn’t be Epic Games if they didn’t create a skin for the World Cup winner – Bugha. He is the youngest member of the Icon franchise and has made a strong showing with the Bughas Late Game, a limited-time competition mode. His outfit also includes the “Bring it Around” emote and two other versions of this champion skin.
Bugha Fortnite Skin
Bugha – “Fortnite World Cup” champion is the first professional player to have his own skin.

1. Neymar Jr.

Esports isn’t the only area Fortnite works with. The skin of football idol Neymar Jr. started the era of Fortnite skins for famous celebrities.This secret skin for the Battle Pass of Chapter 2 Season 6 was unlocked by completing the special challenges for PSG players in late April 2021. The skin also has a unique interaction: the player can transform himself into a kind of “primitive” form and show the world-famous “Shh” gesture. This opens up even more opportunities for players to feel special with a varied skin like that of Neymar Jr.
Neymar Jr. Fortnite Skin
Neymar Jr. plays for the Brazilian national team and is currently one of the most famous football players.



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