electricKar K5M-2500: The ugliest car in the world

In the Ruhr area they say “taste is bandwidth” – but we should all agree on this vehicle: You can hardly find this electric car beautiful. The poor electricKar K5M-2500 looks much more like it had been squeezed into a vice. So the car storms to the top of the hit list of the ugliest cars – and even leaves that Fiat Multipla or the Pontiac Aztec (known from the TV series “Breaking Bad” ) behind.

electricKar K5M-2500: Hidden qualities

Aside from the strange design, the K5M-2500 scores with a few technical details. This means that there is room for two people sitting one behind the other in the small vehicle. The 800 watt “strong” motor accelerates the small car to 40 km / h, the battery lasts up to 66 kilometers on one charge. And if the car is in the way, you can simply carry it to the side with two or three men – the manufacturer specifies the weight as a mere 255 kilograms!

electricKar K5M-2500: After all, very cheap

The electricKar K5M-2500 is currently only available in China Alibaba . It costs the equivalent of around 2,000 euros. Those who are brave enough can have it delivered to Europe.

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