Elmoto Loop in the test: What is that supposed to be?

The Elmoto Loop comes – like the fantastic eSchwalbe – from the company Govecs. The part is a kind of S-Pedelec with a throttle grip instead of pedals and is considered an L1e light motorcycle with a top speed of 45 km / h: You can therefore drive it with a car driver’s license or class AM. So the Loop is an electric scooter, but extremely light at 59 kg. The enduro design is also anything but normal. COMPUTER BILD drove the 3,990 euro e-moped. Here is the test.
Elmoto Loop
The Elmoto Loop is an L1e light motorcycle with a top speed of 45 km / h.

Elmoto Loop: Kind of a weird part

At first glance, the Elmoto Loop differs significantly from other electric scooters. However, he has the same problems: he is not allowed to go on the bike path, at the same time you do not feel comfortable on country or federal roads when driving overland. A dichotomy that S-Pedelec riders can tell a song about. In the city, however, you can make good progress and rarely stop the traffic. The more crowded the streets, the more slippery. The loop is incredibly little and you have the feeling that you are steering a fast mountain bike rather than an e-scooter. This is also due to the high seating position and the view of the wide handlebars and the suspension. The advantage of the loop is that the other road users actually have no idea what they are dealing with and how fast it is. When it comes to scooters, drivers like to assume that they have to reach at least 50 km / h and they can build up pressure in the city. The loop is more likely to be perceived as a crazy bike without pedals that then progresses amazingly fast.
Elmoto Loop
The wheel hub motor with membrane-ventilated housing transmits a maximum of 2 kW to the rear tire (Schwalbe Crazy Bob 24×2.35).

Just drive off

Typically, you are practically silent on the road – always wearing a motorcycle helmet, of course – and at best you can hear the tires rolling. Driving is fun and very easy. Turn the key, the loop is ready to drive and, with one turn of the speed dial, sets … (oh, what the heck?) Throttle grip moving. There are no driving modes and the acceleration finds the middle between lively and lively, simply appropriate, without igniting storms of enthusiasm or overwhelming the driver. In the end, it’s only 2,000 watts that the gearless and brushless wheel hub motor delivers. Reaching the top speed is felt to be fast and you can tell from the constant rules that more would go if you were allowed to. Even so, the loop usually allows you to swim properly in city traffic. Thanks to the low weight of 59 kg plus your own pounds, the vehicle is very manoeuvrable. When maneuvering, which is pleasantly easy, there should be a little more steering angle. The mighty suspension gives the impression of more off-road mobility than it can actually handle. Last but not least, the tires that are not particularly profiled determine the loop’s preferred area of ​​activity: the city.
Elmoto Loop
The Supernova M99 LED headlight ensures good lighting and an aggressive look.

Operation and processing

Elmoto Loop rearview mirror
The workplace is simple and clear. There is only one rearview mirror, which is particularly compatible with very narrow shoulders.
Elmoto Loop
The turn signal lever has to be returned to the middle again and again. It takes a bit of getting used to if you otherwise know how to press the button.
There is not much to operate. A throttle grip, a flasher rocker arm, a horn and a lever at each end of the handlebar for the hydraulic disc brakes, which have brake sensors. There are also a few buttons on the left with which you can adjust the appearance of the display. The frame makes a solid impression, but some add-on parts such as the indicators or the fenders would look good with a more robust attachment. The lid and the locking mechanism of the storage space look a bit windy.
Elmoto Loop
Go green: The Elmoto Loop has a 170 mm double bridge fork from Marzocchi at the front and twin shock absorbers at the rear.

Display: Best of the 80s

Elmoto Loop speedometer
The unconventionally designed display reveals its information preferentially in the shade.
Elmoto Loop
Same display in sunshine. The display is difficult to read, and the battery level is practically not at all. Only the remaining range in the matrix part, which can still be deciphered, helps.
The display goes perfectly with the Elmoto Loop in that both are rather exotic types. In the dark or in the shade, you can enjoy the 80s Knight Rider design of the advertisements. A clock radio segment display shows the speed, the battery level is indicated by an LED bar with different colors. Looks like a level meter on a cassette recorder retrained to display the battery capacity. As soon as the sun shines on the display, the battery is apparently empty, because the green lights in particular can no longer be seen. But maybe the battery is really empty? And is the high beam or the turn signal still on? There is no acoustic signal and the display is too weak when the sun is shining. Depending on the display mode, a red matrix display provides information about the distance covered, on-board voltage, average speed, date or range.

Battery and range

Elmoto Loop
The charger takes 4.5 hours to fully charge. You charge the battery outside or in a loop.
The Elmoto Loop has a battery with 48 volts and 37 Ah. With it you can go up to 70 km if you let it roll easily. Because that is what it does: roll like a wheel. There is nothing to be felt or read about recuperation. Charging takes place in a loop or you fold up the bench by pulling the cable in the storage space, unscrew the contact (until then there is no difference in charging in the loop), open the Velcro fastener and pull out the 11.4 kg battery by the handle that is a bit reminiscent of a petrol tank. You then connect the battery where the 500 watt charger is, i.e. also in the office or on the third floor. There the charger needs a maximum of 4.5 hours. Around two hours go from 0 to 80 percent.
Elmoto Loop
The frame is made of steel. The total weight of the loop with the battery is only 59 kg.
Elmoto Loop
The Elmoto Loop is 189.5 cm long, 71.6 cm wide and 115 cm high. The seat height is 83 cm.

Open minded

Elmoto Loop
On paper, the “storage space” is 1.5 liters. Not much fits in there, but at least there are two USB ports and the cable for the bench (see arrow).
A small storage compartment with two USB ports is hidden under the bench. A socket that is accessible from the outside would probably be more practical, which allows charging while navigating, provided you have found a place for a mobile phone holder. There is a different type of steering wheel lock to prevent theft: An additional key allows the short lock to be opened, which is firmly connected to the loop on one side and docks with the other side either on the frame (driving mode) or on the handlebar (parking mode). A simple, functional and presumably solid solution.
Elmoto Loop lock
The lock is simple, but effectively and practically integrated.
Elmoto Loop lock
Even the steering lock is different on the Elmoto Loop.

Elmoto Loop: Price

The price of the Elmoto Loop was recently reduced from 4,790 to 3,990 euros, with (according to own information) climate-neutral production in Europe. Optional footrests for the passenger cost 60 euros. At first glance, the Elmoto Loop is not a bargain, but for an eBike like the Serial 1 Rush / Cty from Harley Davidson you can easily get rid of such sums. On the other hand, there is a full-fledged e-scooter like the NIU MQi GT, which runs at least 70 km / h when starting, much cheaper. You can Buy the Elmoto Loop at Govecs or arrange a test drive.
Elmoto Loop
If you have ordered the optional footrests for the front passenger and the load does not exceed 140 kg, you can (if necessary) cuddle up on the small bench for two.

Test conclusion: Elmoto Loop

The Elmoto Loop is primarily one thing, namely different. The city runabout, which can reach speeds of up to 45 km / h, is manoeuvrable and easy to drive and maneuver thanks to its low weight. You are not allowed to use cycle paths with it, even if you would at least feel more comfortable on them outside the city. Otherwise, the silent driving certainly puts you in a good mood. The loop is therefore an alternative for people for whom a normal e-scooter is too normal, too boring, too heavy and who don’t feel like riding the S-Pedelec.



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