Atelier Online Weapon Tier List July 2021

Atelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle is an Adventure mobile game, launched globally by Boltrend Games this July. The game features environment and world-building like the original Atelier series. The story follows the making of a young alchemist who is played by you as the player. There is a fully voiced cast of different characters with their own story to tell. The battle system has good RPG mechanics like any old classic JRPG. The game is complete PvE with both solo and co-op modes. With the game recently launched we bring you a Weapon Tier List for July 2021 to make it easier for you to select the best weapons for each character from Atelier Online.

Atelier Online Weapon Tier List for July 2021

These weapons are divided on their overall stats and damage according to their quality. Some weapons have unique stats which make them unique and become preferable to characters that need those stats.
Tier / Weapons Spear Bow Bow Mace Sword
S (Overpowered) Lionic Lance, Spear of Guards, Spear of the Dark Night, Angel Lance Hunter’s Bow, Bow of Guards Wilbell’s Magic Staff, Ryza‘s Staff Top Alchemist’s Mace, Rorona’s Mace, Marie’s Mace Knight Sword, Knight Saber
A (Strong) Knight Lance Lionic Arrow, Angel’s Bow, Knight’s Arrow, Bow of the Dark Night, Minstrel’s Bow Lucky Rod, Lionic Rod, Staff of Guards, Staff of the Dark Night, Archmage’s Staff, Angel’s Staff, Knight Rod, Staff of the Dark Fire Japanese Ash Mace, Lionic Mace, Knight Mace, Mace of Guards, Totori’s Mace, Ayesha’s Mace Noble Sword, Lionic Sword, Sword of the Dark Night, Swordmaster’s Long Sword
B (Decent) Bressislian Lance, Noble Lance, Spear of Albus, Spear of the Fairyland, Spear of Ribrum, Spear of Ateria, Spear of Eruleum Wooden Bow, Bressislian Arrow, Noble Arrow, Bow of Albus, Bow of the Fairyland, Bow of Ribrum, Bow of Ateria, Bow of Eruleum Bressislian Rod, Apprentice Sage’s Staff, Noble Rod, Staff of Albus, Staff of the Fairyland, Staff of Ribrum,Staff of Ateria, Staff of Eruleum Wooden Mace, Bressislian Mace, Noble Mace, Mace of Albus, Mace of the Fairyland,Mace of Ribrum, Mace of Ateria, Mace of Eruleum Short Sword, Sword of Albus, Sword of Ribrum, Sword of Ateria, Sword of Eruleum, Angel’s Sword, Bressislian Sword
C (Average) Apprentice Wizard’s Staff Angel’s Mace, Mace of the Dark Night Sword of Knights, Sword of Guards, Sword of the Fairyland
Note: Most of the weapons are gacha exclusive and the weapons on the S and A tier are the most powerful.

Atelier Online Tier List: Best Weapons ranked

S Tier (Overpowered)

Atelier Online Weapon Tier List
S tier weapons are the most powerful among their own class and rarity and should be the go-to weapon if a player has them. However certain A-tier weapons may be stronger compared to their S-tier counterparts for some specific tasks and stats.

A Tier (Strong)

Atelier Online Weapon Tier List
A Tier is a middle ground for a good weapon, they are very viable to the very late game except for a few situations. Unless they get replaced by S-tier weapons, keep them and invest in them.

B Tier (Decent)

Atelier Online Weapon Tier List
B-tier weapons are good enough for very early in the game, however for mid and late games they are not good, so change them as soon as you get a better weapon. As for C-tier weapons, they are the worst of the bunch and have bad stats. Liked our Weapons Tier List? Check our suggestions on the best in-game characters from our Character Tier List below!

Did you find our Atelier Online Weapon Tier List helpful? Which weapon position do you disagree with from the list? Let us know in the comment section below!

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