Telekom: DSL tariffs and test – MagentaZuhause in detail

Whether for streaming, surfing, e-mails or to be on the go in social networks, whether privately, for work, school, training or university – Internet access is part of the basic equipment for most people, such as running water and electricity. Without it, it just doesn’t work anymore. Telekom’s DSL tariffs – called MagentaZuhause – promise speeds of up to 250 megabits per second (Mbps) in many places. In areas with fiber optic coverage, the bandwidth can theoretically go up to 1,000 Mbps (= 1 Gbps). But how much does the users really get? COMPUTER BILD presents the Telekom DSL tariffs and the results of the test.

Telekom DSL: You need to know that

  • Tempo, Tempo: The smallest Telekom DSL tariff (MagentaZuhause XS) downloads data from the network at up to 6 Mbps, but it is no longer actively marketed. The MagentaZuhause S with up to 16 Mbps in the download is therefore the entry point. Depending on local availability, tariffs with 500 Mbps or even 1 Gbps are also available.
  • VDSL or fiber optics? The tariffs up to 250 Mbps mostly use VDSL technology, ie the old copper cabling; however, some of them are also implemented using fiber optics. At Telekom, even faster tariffs always use the latter technology.
  • Prices, discounts: Telekom is generally considered to be expensive, but discounts are regularly available as part of promotions. At the moment the prices are reduced to 19.95 euros in the first six months. With Verivox you can currently secure a particularly affordable one Telecom DSL deal.
Deutsche Telekom would like to attract new customers with particularly attractive prices. Anyone who has not had a connection with Telekom in the past three months and now signs a MagentaZuhause DSL contract for 24 months, he only pays 19.95 euros in the first six months. It doesn’t matter which new tariff you choose – apart from the MagentaZuhause Giga. The one-time connection price is 69.95 euros, plus the shipping costs for the optional and chargeable router (6.95 euros). From the seventh month onwards, you pay the full price for the remaining 18 months. In addition, Deutsche Telekom grants further discounts: In the tariffs M to XL there is a credit of 80 euros when booking a router (rental costs: 5.95 euros per month) and an additional discount of 100 euros for online bookings. Telekom credits this pro rata per month over the total term.
  • MagentaAt Home S: 34.95 euros | 16 Mbps in download | 2.4 Mbps in upload
  • MagentaAt home M: 39.95 euros | 50 Mbps in download | 10 Mbps in upload
  • Magenta at home L: 44.95 euros | 100 Mbps in download | 40 Mbps in upload
  • Magenta Home XL: 54.95 euros | 250 Mbps in download | 40 Mbps in upload
  • Magenta at home XXL: 59.95 euros | 500 Mbps in download | 100 Mbps in upload
  • Magenta at home Giga: 79.95 euros | 1,000 Mbps in download | 200 Mbps in upload
MagentaZuhause tariffs at TELEKOM

Telekom: DSL tariffs for existing customers

Are you already a Telekom DSL customer, need more speed or are you planning to extend your contract anyway? Deutsche Telekom then offers two options: You can switch to a higher-quality tariff before the minimum contract period expires. This extends the contract by 24 months from that point in time. However, if you wait until the end of the contract, you have the option of switching to a cheaper or equivalent tariff. If you wish, the will support you with this DSL tariff calculator from COMPUTER BILD and Verivox. The contract is then only extended by twelve months.
  • MagentaAt Home S: 34.95 euros | 16 Mbps in download | 2.4 Mbps in upload
  • MagentaAt home M: 39.95 euros | 50 Mbps in download | 10 Mbps in upload
  • Magenta at home L: 44.95 euros | 100 Mbps in download | 40 Mbps in upload
  • Magenta Home XL: 54.95 euros | 250 Mbps in download | 40 Mbps in upload
  • Magenta at home XXL: 59.95 euros | 500 Mbps in download | 100 Mbps in upload
  • Magenta at home Giga: 79.95 euros | 1,000 Mbps in download | 200 Mbps in upload
MagentaZuhause tariffs at TELEKOM

Telekom: DSL tariffs for young people

In addition to the conventional DSL tariffs, Deutsche Telekom has attractive offers for young people under the age of 28. For example, new customers who have not had a Telekom connection in the last three months and who take out a MagentaZuhause Young tariff by January 31, 2021 pay only 19.95 euros per month in the first ten months. The connection price is 69.95 euros. From the eleventh month onwards, the group charges the full monthly price, which is 5 euros cheaper than normal Telekom DSL tariffs. New customers secure an online benefit of 120 euros and when booking an optional router (rental costs: 5.95 euros per month) an additional 80 euros.
  • Magenta at home Young S: 29.95 euros | 16 Mbps in download | 2.4 Mbps in upload
  • Magenta at home Young M: 34.95 euros | 50 Mbps in download | 10 Mbps in upload
  • Magenta at home Young L: 39.95 euros | 100 Mbps in download | 40 Mbps in upload
  • Magenta at home Young XL: 49.95 euros | 250 Mbps in download | 40 Mbps in upload
MagentaZuhause Young tariffs at VERIVOX

Telekom: DSL tariffs with TV

MagentaZuhause DSL with MagentaTV at TELEKOM

Telekom DSL tariffs: MagentaZuhause in detail

All tariffs have a contract term of 24 months and a notice period of one month. The tariffs are equipped with an Internet and a landline flat rate for the German landline network. With the MagentaZuhause XL, XXL and Giga tariffs, you can even make unlimited calls to all German mobile networks. Customers talk over the Internet (VoIP) in HD voice quality – provided the phone supports the function. The download speed ranges – depending on the selected tariff – from 16 to 1,000 Mbps. Data rates of 2.4 to 200 Mbps are currently possible in the upload. Note: In the case of connections with VDSL technology, the upload speed reaches its limits at 40 Mbps – unlike with fiber optics. Digital television with over 100 TV channels can also be booked in the form of MagentaTV, optionally with a Netflix subscription. The “Hybrid LTE” option is still comparatively new, in which users can also access the LTE cellular standard using a compatible router. Telekom wants to increase the surfing speed and improve the connection stability through reliability. Users of the MagentaZuhause XS and S tariffs currently get the option free of charge for a minimum period of three months, all others pay EUR 4.95 per month immediately. In addition to the normal DSL tariffs, there are quite identical offers for young people (up to 28 years of age) that are a little cheaper and sometimes offer more services. New customers are currently benefiting from a campaign that brings various credits and a monthly price of 19.95 euros for all DSL tariffs in the first six (normal tariffs) or ten months (Young tariffs).

Telekom DSL in the test: experiences and measured values

The cable providers can only smile tiredly about the average download speeds of the DSL connections in the test. Nevertheless, there are also strong arguments in favor of a DSL connection, especially for one of the Telekom: The upload speed was very high at 24 Mbps. Only Vodafone Kabel just trumps this performance in the test – with 28 Mbps.

“Up to” statements versus reality

The deviation from the tariff advertised speed is noticeably high at Telekom in the entry-level tariffs: With DSL 16, the speed is on average 35 percent below the promise. The faster tariffs also did not fare well in the test: the average speed measured for connections with 100 Mbps (VDSL vectoring) is 31 percent below the agreed speed, with connections with 250 Mbps (VDSL supervectoring) it is around 38 percent. The fiber optic connections with up to 1,000 Mbps are particularly badly hit – here, an average of 76 percent less speed was reached by the customer. The DSL 50 connections perform best in comparison: The test results show 24 percent less speed. At least for DSL, however, such deviations are not uncommon: The possible maximum speed decreases the longer the old copper cables are between the house connection and the gray boxes on the street (DSLAM) or the exchange. Nevertheless, the strong deviations show that the line expansion is taking place far too hesitantly. For higher speeds, Telekom would have to put more gray boxes in the streets and connect them via fiber optics. This would make the braking copper cables between DSLAM and house connection shorter. The high deviation is also causing concern with regard to supervectoring technology, with which Telekom accelerates DSL connections to up to 250 Mbps. Because this process is far more sensitive to copper lines that are too long than ADSL, VDSL or VDSL vectoring technology.

Not without fluctuations and drops in speed

The reliability of the connection is more important than extreme speed values. In the test, there were noticeable drops in speed with all providers. Even the DSL providers don’t cover themselves with fame here: According to measurements, up to 24 percent of Telekom customers with a 16 Mbps tariff sometimes surf with less than 6 Mbps! Then not even full HD videos run smoothly. Overall, however, Telekom still has the best grip on the speed drops from all DSL providers – O2 DSL is on par in this discipline. You can read the results of all providers in issue 16/2021 (first day of sale: July 30, 2021).
Before deciding on a tariff, you should check what DSL speed is available at your location. With the appropriate Availability check Telekom, you can find out which transmission rates are theoretically possible at home. Enter your postcode, town, street and house number in the input mask and you will immediately see which connection is possible at your location. Alternatively and just as easily, the check also works with the Speed ​​test from COMPUTER BILD . The availability of a DSL tariff shows the tariff calculator from COMPUTER BILD and Verivox; there you select speed, fixed-line flat rate and other extras and the best DSL tariffs can be displayed – with the option to switch straight away.



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